It's been mental

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From the beta times to the full release years to the maintenance mode and finally the monumental news… it has never been boring for Boundless.
All in one video with a summary of the new owners statements to date.


Thought it was a good video! Have never actually seen footage of early stages of the game, so was real nice to see that!

Wrote a comment in the video itself, but may as well write here. We will just see what happens, game will evolve one way or another or not at all. Either we’re lucky or we’re not. But when (or if) it happens, I wanna be ready. I enjoy the game so much with all its flaws. Really hope it comes alive like it should!


Indeed that was a long journey :slight_smile: Boundless will be Boundless forever. Lets hope it just get better and better every time !


… What wonderful video footage from EA [Therka]
when less was really more.
I am still a big fan of the colors and lighting conditions we had back then.

But for now, let us hope the journey continues with Monumental
Keep on :boundless: Building :boundless: everyone :orange_heart: :+1:


Great video. The pictures of Madonna legit made me laugh pretty hard. :rofl::rofl::ok_hand:.


This video was wonderful! Your dry humor made my morning, and I loved to see all the older footage. :heart:


It’s a shame, my English is too bad to appreciate. I would have liked so much to have a textual version of this video so that I could then translate it. If someone could give me a rundown…


Turn on Closed Captioning and translate it.


Haha, I must have failed to open it properly just now because it wasn’t working. Thank you very much :smiley:


Maybe I’m particularly silly, but I found this story very well written and even moving… Even if it’s punctuated with humor, I feel the interlocutor’s nostalgia and concern. It is undeniably the most beautiful proof of love that I could see here for this game. Thank you for this notable work Boundmore, you are disconcerting and interesting at the same time.


Thank you for all the positive comments. :sunglasses: :heart_eyes:
They mean a lot!!

Here is another video - this time on Halloween Event:


Well done! Loved the humor, artistic inserts and of course the history from before my time. I’ve only really been here for the silence and recent news :smiley:

You are appreciated, @boundmore :boundless:


What a fantastic video! Loved the little bits of “spice” you added here and there hahaha :v:t2::ok_hand:t2::laughing:


Thank you for the kind words chic! :sunglasses:

It’s you and others who joined late, that helped to keep the silent period not so silent… the GTG community sure kept me going and enjoying Boundless in the last year or so.

You are all an awesome lot :sunglasses:

@SoleilMoon that includes you :sunglasses: we posted simultaneously lol


The days of no stamina restrictions were awesome. Although it’s introduction did bring about loads of foods and drinks to craft which is cool.

Very awesome video. Made some lovely friends back then and it’s very cool to see some of the pre-wipe builds. Thanks Boundmore!

Haven’t been on a hunt but they used to drop so many gems but that was only because they hadn’t been implemented properly in mining yet. What do they drop now?

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I started playing continuously in February 2017. Mining was implemented already then and you could get all ores and up to gems. The footage shows those times. I showed quite a bit of Munteen there with my base called Ame Villa as there was amethyst all around there for example.

Was there time before that when creatures dropped all gems instead? So like 2016?

You were around then. I remember you. Mining was implemented but they were having difficulties with its availability overall so to combat it, when we went on hunts the meteors dropped all of the available gems. We used to get so many from hunting.

Edit: I just checked @boundmore and I started playing in 2018.

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I thought you meant creatures first, not meteorites. :man_facepalming:

Ah. So long ago didn’t remember much how it went lol. I remember that they moved amethyst from underground to floating islands and it was hard to get them. And the Ame Villa name suddenly felt silly and unjustified. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :laughing:

Meteors still drop mineable items, including gems, to go with usual oort stone load. But not in huge numbers although if you hunt for a couple of hours on high tier world you will have a handful of different ores.

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I’m so glad meteors still drops gems! I’ll have to find some hunts once I get established. Thank you!


welcome back! :sunglasses:
don’t be shy to give me a shout should you have any questions or need any help :nerd_face: