It's beginning to look a lot like Oortmas... 2020 event starts next week!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. There’ll be Cuttletrunks honking and meteorites glowing when group hunts are near!

Boundless will be getting into the festive mood from the 17th December for two weeks, ending on the 31st December. The Known Worlds of Boundless will be experiencing seasonally-appropriate snowy conditions, and the local wildlife will be wrapping up warm in their traditional Oortmas hats.

For those of you who have yet to be visited by the Ghost of Oortmas past, let’s recap just how the Boundless universe changes over the holiday season. Those Oortmas creatures will drop extra-special Green Candy Canes. These are then used to craft decorative Gift Boxes, and festive Oortmas trees with which to decorate your builds.

What’s new for 2020?

As always, we have some new props to share this year. We have two brand new festive centrepieces with which you can decorate your beacons - Roasted Spitter for the meat eaters, and an Earthyam platter for vegetarian citizens.

We’ve got some very cool new goodies coming to the Exchange for a limited time only, which we’ll be unveiling on Twitter over the coming days.

Another major change over this time of year is the introduction of the famous Snowball Meteorites. Let’s go over how those work again…

Snowball Meteorites 101

For the duration of the Winter Event, special Snowball Fight Meteorite events will occur on Starter Worlds. Rather than a regular strike, a giant Snowball will crash to the surface of the World, bringing with it a swarm of special Snow Spitters, which will launch their chilly projectiles at Citizens, and are impervious to regular Weapons.

You’ll have to fight snow with snow! Gather enough Ice from the Meteorite to Handcraft a Bag of Snowballs, and give the icy critters everything you’ve got! These will do direct damage to one target, and are only effective against Snow Spitters. There will also be no Defeat Penalty on these events, with Players instead building up ‘embarrassment’ from being hit, before heading to the sanctum having lost their ‘Meteorite Life’. As well as Red Candy Canes the rewards for these Snowball Fights include Food, Brews and Gifts. Poorly behaved Citizens may end up with Coal…

What else is coming?

Red Candy Canes are used to craft Snow Citizens and Twinkles, giving your beacon some festive cheer for the winter. Elsewhere, our previous Oortmas wearables are back in the exchange for two weeks only, with the Father Oortmas beards, with the Oortmas Hat and three designs of Winter Scarf all returning from last year, and 2018’s Rudolph the Red Nosed Wildstock antlers and Snow Citizen mask joining them on sale once again.

You’ll also want to keep an eye out for special Candy Seeds, which are planted to grow the Candy Totem tool as a crop. Not to forget Oorty!

There’s a lot to see and do at Oortmas, and we’ve had great fun getting stuck into the snowball fights with you all down the years, so we’ll see you there for another round later this month!


I just want roasted spitter to be able to be placed on a silver platter like a Christmas Ham.


I second this!


Awesome, can’t wait, thanks!! :grin:

Does “starter worlds” include Sovereigns for the Snowball Meteors (all T1 and T2s)? No biggie if not (compulsive me MIGHT have, er… bought one anyways in anticipation, haha, but even if can’t use it for this will give me a little fun for a bit :wink: :flushed: ) BUT if not, then I’ll start saving location tokens on the lower tiers instead here! And if it does include them, well, off to work I go!


Can we have snowball fits against other citizens as well?

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Hope too :crossed_fingers:

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About time Finata got some snow :stuck_out_tongue:

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SQUEE!!! This is a complete sentence forum tyrant. Sorry it’s unclear to you. THEY understand…

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Hoping for higher canes drop rates! :smiley:


Oh man I hope it’s this one image

It does suck that these are seasonal decorations, though.


why does it suck? They will look Christmas-y? Or can only be crafted during the event?

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I’m assuming they will be like the cauldron where it uses holiday exclusive crafting ingredients. Having to gather all of the mats you will want for the year within a 2 week timespan is frustrating, especially when there are so many things to do and craft.


:turkey: :plate_with_cutlery: :christmas_tree:



When it Snows, will our forged anti-snow still be in effect? Or will the event snow override that?


I think that’s what makes events so exciting. My horde of Spooky Seeds justifies the time I spent gathering them. Now I can pull a Scrooge McDuck and dive into a pool of Spooky Seeds that are Mine All Mine and can’t wait until October of next year to build an even bigger stash. I’m pulling out my stash of Candy Canes and Snowballs from the last 2 years in anticipation.


So… no new stuff?

Any chance that the red candy canes drop rate might be made higher than it was the previous year?


Is there new stuff ever in this game these days :thinking:

Yes please

I’d also love it if twinkles were changed into a chiselable/latticeable block.


I think my complaint is rooted in that we’re getting lots of props that feel like they should be general year-round decorations, but are getting tied to holidays, and that we haven’t been getting any new regular props. It also doesn’t help that, from what I understand, red candy canes are in short supply with this event.
In my opinion, snowmen and jackolanterns being a holiday thing is cool. Roasts and water breathing potions being a holiday thing is frustrating.