Its time to vote (Voting closed)

The 1st Boundless pixel art contest has drawn to a close. I’d like to thank those that participated and look forward to the next contest.

Here are the contestants.
Please vote for your favorite at the bottom. I’m going to allow 2 days for everyone to get a chance to vote an then I will dish out the prizes. Contestants please take the next few days to choose which games you would like as your prize(s). Happy Voting everyone.

Option #1 is from @Jeffrotheswell. He did a great job creating “Vault Boy” from Fallout.

Option #2 is from @QUEENNUTS. She built a very impressive trifecta of keys from “Ready Player One”.

Option #3 is from @TwistedFoot. He built a cute as a button “toothless” from How to train your dragon.

Option #4 is from @Stretchious who built a very impressive “Baby Groot”.

Option #5 is from @treyvoni who built the terrifying Cactuar from Final Fantasy.

Option #6 is from @the-moebius who built a coffee pot just for our devs so they will continue working late nights pumping out update after update.

  • Option 1 Vault Boy
  • Option 2 Key Trifecta
  • Option 3 Toothless
  • Option 4 Baby Groot
  • Option 5 Cactuar
  • Option 6 Coffee Pot

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Baby Groot always gets my vote.


@blake @james @luke-turbulenz can one of you let me know which pixart is the devs favorite (majority)? That pick will receive a bonus key.


they are all so good but for some reason. that cactuar just calls to me :heart_eyes_cat:


Oh man…cactuar is making its way up.


An impressive collection of art by all. Regardless of who wins, the time and detail you each put into these is awesome. I look forward to bumping into these in real time during my exploration adventures.


59 voters! wow I didn’t know we even had that many people active on the forums. cool!


Nice contest, vote count is going up quickly :slight_smile:


I am Groot!


Cactuar and vault boy are neck-N-neck!!! :flushed:


You mean 72 hahaha j/k

Yeah, this have echoed through the community :+1::smile:


And cactuar overtakes vault boy!!! What a come back.


The results are in.

In first place we have @Stretchious with Baby Groot. Stretch please PM me your 5 game choices.

In second place we have @treyvoni with cactuar. Please PM me your 4 game choices.

In third place we have @Jeffrotheswell with Vault Boy. Please PM me with your 3 game choices.

In Fourth place we have @TwistedFoot with Toothless. Please PM me your 1 game choice.

In fifth place we have @QUEENNUTS with the three keys. Please PM me your 1 game choice.

In Sixth place we have @the-moebius with the coffee pot. Please PM me you 1 game choice.

For all of you picking prizes please pick multiple backups in case the place in front of you picks the same game. That way I have another game to fall back on and give you.

I still need to receive the Devs vote to determine who gets the extra key. @james could you please let us know the devs choice? Until then I will give out all the prizes and the extra key will be awarded last. Everyone take your time deciding. I will send out the keys tomorrow evening. And thanks for playing!!! All of you not only added to the fun, you also added to our worlds with art many will enjoy. I hope you all get a game you like.


Wow thanks! It was good fun and an excellent idea too, so big thanks to you @Cookviper for setting this up! :smiley: :+1: :clap:

I would be interested in doing another one at some point … maybe we could set up a dedicated area, like an extra street off of one of the main cities, that people could use to place all of the entries together? I’d be happy to donate a few of my plots to build the street :wink:


I love it. I was actually thinking about that same thing. I know just the place too. :grin:

I think some of the devs have already voted alongside everyone else. (I know I did!)

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A side from each individual vote. Would you all be able to agree on one in particular? If you’d rather not I understand. If you’d like I can just award everyone with one extra key. @james

We’ve just had a long discussion and have 100% agreement that (as the team loves coffee and hates tea) it has to be the amazing Coffee Pot - Options #6 by @the-moebius.


Thanks a lot. :grin:

Ok the developers have spoken and although they each voted for their favorites individually, they have collectively chosen @the-moebius and his coffee pot as their combined favorite. So @the-moebius please select 1 extra game and congrats. :grin: