Jack & Sly's Gemporium

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Come on down to our shop hosted on the US West starter planet, Berlyn. Also, for newer player, info on Gem Tools is located on the bottom of this first post. They are very cheap at this moment in the game so get them while they are hot!

Where: Boundful Heights, Berlyn
Portals: Moebius Plaza, Portal Seekers, Berlyn
What We Sell: Gem Tools at the cheapest price in the game, more tools and materials coming soon.
What We Buy: Base Materials only

Shop Entrance:


Portal Location:

I will be adjusting these values in the next few weeks and hope to provide the most consistent and cheapest gem tools in the game. They may run out fast or they may sit there for ages, let’s see. I will be adding signage and a matrix in the back with helpful tips for beginners who are trying to learn more about gem tools. I will also be adding request baskets with various items that I will need to continue operating. I hope to value these items higher than any other shop to give each of my suppliers a better deal. I also will be buying in bulk and will split the discount in the middle with anyone who’d like some coin off their purchase or sale.

While searching a while back for some more info, I wasn’t able to find any documentation about abilities so I thought to just put something together here so that newer players have something to search for. I will also be providing links of previous discussions as well as an old damage calculator at the bottom to credit those who got the values first. Most of this data is from @Jiivita so show him the love. So for those who don’t know much about Gem Tools here’s a quick guide. My aim isn’t to be accurate, but rather to be general if you’re a first-time buyer looking to make a fun purchase. If I missed something or got something wrong or if you feel that I need to be more clear just comment and I’ll fix it Rember Only buy gem tools if you have leveled up your mastery for that tool otherwise it will be useless!.

Diamond Hammer, Shovel, and Axe: Deal Moderate-High Damage to Center, Left and Right Block.
Amethyst Hammer, Shovel, and Axe: Deal Moderate-High Damage to Center and Bottom Block.
Sapphire Hammer, Shovel, and Axe: Deal High Damage to Center Block.
Emerald Hammer, Shovel, and Axe: Deal Moderate Damage to Center, Left, Right, Bottom, and Top Block.
Topaz Hammer, Shovel, and Axe: Deal Moderate Damage to Center Block. Fast Swing Speed.
Ruby Hammer, Shovel, and Axe: Deal Moderate Damage to Center Block. Fast Swing Speed.

Diamond Bow: Close Range. Charges (Requires Skill)
Amethyst Bow: Close Range. Continuous Fire (Requires Skill)
Sapphire Bow: Medium Range High Damage. Charges (Requires Skill)
Emerald Bow: Close-Mid Range Low-Med Damage.
Topaz Bow: Medium Range. Continuous Fire (Requires Skill)
Ruby Bow: Long Range. Charges (Requires Skill)

Diamond Grapple: Medium Range ???
Amethyst Grapple: Medium Range Fast Reel
Sapphire Grapple: Long Range. Slow Reel.
Emerald Grapple: Long Range. Medium - Fast Reel.
Topaz Grapple: Short Range. Fast Reel.
Ruby Grapple: Long Range. Fast Reel.

I will add Chisels later. If you posted something about gem tool abilties or if you know a post link it here.

Links Used (There are a few others but I can’t find them at the moment):


lol I guess I should get off my keister and update some of this information O.o

No worries! I’m assuming values will continue to change over time so I didn’t want to put too much effort into accuracy.

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  • More Gem Tools now in stock. More hammers, axes, and shovels are on their way.

  • Added Signage for clarity.

  • Deals/News Board posted in front of shop. This list currently includes the following:
    Weapon and Grapples @ 3400c 30 minutes prior to each Grate Hunt (Trade Only - Limit 1 per person)
    Bulk Sales and Purchase Orders over 25000c will qualify for a 3% aftertax discount for Purchases and 3% bonuses for Sales.

  • Updated all Requests Baskets. These are fairly high in order to get closer to the values offered in Aquatopia. Hoping to keep coin in these perpetually. While these greatly affect COGS I’m hoping to lower the prices on my Gem Tools in the following weeks. Request Basket Prices are as follows:

S @ 15c
M @ 36c
L @ 100c

R @ 3c

R @ 4c

S @ 8c
M @ 35c
L @ 70c

I need fossils ASAP so if anyone wants to work a bulk order I should be on 30 minutes before tomorrows (er Today I guess…) Grate Hunt.


Looks like we’ve got someone who likes a bargain! Stocked about 40 bows and in less than an hour they’re out just like that :slight_smile: If you are bulk buying my tools, feel free to trade me in person so I can get you save you 200 off tax per item. I don’t bite!

Tools restocked for time being. I will need to stagger these tools on the plinths to offset the buyouts of the more popular tools. Also increased the prices on the more popular tools from 3500 to 3600 in hopes of decreasing the demand slightly while still staying competitively priced. All hand trades will be 100c above pre-tax price. If you need me to save you any tools just PM me.


  • All gem tools are now available for 3450 at most.
  • Amethyst tools are available for 3350 each.
  • All hand trades are charged 100 commission to benefit both buyer and seller.
  • If you see any missing tools that you would really like to see let me know.

I’m sometimes in my shop but afk. /wave if you want to get my attention to do a hand trade to save about 200 on tax.


  • Major Price Drop on all bows and tools.
  • You asked, we delivered! Sapphire, Diamond, and Topaz Chisels have been crafted and are available upon request.
  • Settlement is going through a bit of a facelift. Ignore the giant stairs, shop is still on the bottom right.
  • Expect prices to get lower in the next few days :slight_smile:

emerald bow is not high damage. VERY slow dot.

I bought a few already myself of various gem tools. thnx. It’s rare to get gem shovels and axes. So I appreciate it.

Yeah the emerald bow is an interesting one. The best ones to get are normally the diamond sapphire ruby and some people like the topaz. I have all of the slings up for the sake of having them, but I may take emerald down as it is not popular at all and may confuse newer players. I get on in a little over one hour, if you’re on at that time I’d be happy to give you 1500c back for your dissatisfaction :). If you have them still pristine I’ll take them back for the full 3000!

I’m very happy. I was just correcting a description you have for the emerald bow is all. I use that bow in a group setting or longer fights to help take a little edge off.

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I’ll stop by and pop some fossils in your request basket for you.

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  • Same Location. New Look.
  • SALE on almost all tools. 2999c! (Ruby and Diamon Bow 3099c)
  • Shop Size increased to accommodate future items.

Look like one lucky fella grabbed all of them! No worries, more gem tools at the same price are coming in T-minus 5 hours!


  • 0c commission!!! (Free Hand Trades)

  • Meet Jack! He’s slightly new to the game and he will be helping with the management of the store to keep the shop stocked with everything it needs when I am not on. We will more than likely look for a few more people later on to live on Boundful Heights and help manage the shop as well (more on this later). This is a collaborative effort on the same shop, items, revenue, etc and will hopefully promote and demonstrate key group success principles. Diversity is key. See more about Jack below.

  • Popular Slings and Hammers restocked, more axes, shovels, and grapples coming in a few hours.

  • New Crafting Area - Sorry for the low gem tool inventory. Probably wasn’t the best time to drop our prices. We have been working on a mass crafting station to be run by a few people. To keep our store stocked with all popular items in the future.

  • Buying Gems! We have about 1 mil that we can buy more gems with at the moment. We only hand trade high priced items to avoid the tax to keep the product cheaper. Keep in mind that our prices are low and getting lower. We don’t take large profits off of these transactions. Our goal is to stay under a 10% profit margin with each items we sell or craft. We will share all of the numbers and calculations with you so that you buyers have as much (or even more) bargaining power than us shop owners do.

  • Updated pictures and location in top post.

  • Establishing a link in the Portal Seekers Berlyn.

  • Coming Mid Week - Buying Base Materials! We will be buying almost every base material at the same or higher price than all big shops. We will do our best to ensure we already have this down in the request baskets but if we do not let us know and we will do our best to price match.

More about Sly:
I’m an accountant.
I love Boundless.
Cali bound.

More about Jack:
I’m an artist.
I love games.
Sweden bound.
I am charming and attractive?



  • Popular Gem Tools in Stock!

  • All Gem Weapons bumped down to 2999c! If you find a better price let us know we’ll do our best to beat or match it :slight_smile:

  • Jack has done a bit of tidying up with the place. Expect to see these stands fill up in the next couple of days.


Did I say 2999?! Whoops! Excuse my typo, I meant 2699!

Come by our shop if you’d like to hand trade our finest goods at the cheapest price :)!

You guys are just all over the tools today! Thank you all for the support. Jack and I are trying to keep everything stocked! We will have another member join us to help run the store tomorrow. Expect to see some very major changes upon his arrival and the next upcoming week.

Currently we have request baskets for compact coal at 50k each. If these are not greater than other offers please let us know, we want to give you the best deal possible.

Great news everyone! Price of all gem tools are now 2499! We should be on most of the day if you’d like to trade us for that cheap incentive.

Hey all, we are having a sale before this hunt begins on all of our current tools. Hand trade us for the offer. We will also be available for a few hours after the hunt so find us then.