Jail Systems (anti-crime mechanics)

Okay so as a roleplayer, a city owner and a guild owner i would like to be able to deny access to my city to certain people lets say there was a town of 20 people but then there was one kid who was being racist to everyone stealing there items etc, i would like to put him into a jail/blacklist him.

Jail Systems

The Owner of a beacon should be able to setup a area inside his beacon so that he can place people who are on your blacklist. if a player on your blacklist walks into your claimed beacon he will be automatically transported/teleported to the jail cell.

Now obviously that would cause problems with people on the blacklist moaning about being trapped there

The solution is that if they leave the jail cell area the get transported outside the beacon so they can therefore continue exploring but if they re enter your beacon they will get put inside the jail cell area until removed from blacklist.

Additional Features

The owner could also set a time on how long the other player stays on his blacklist so say it is a enemy guild walking into another guilds base anyone belonging to a enemy guild will automatically be put in the cell and there would be no timer. but lets say someone was stealing you could set the time to 7 days realtime so lets say you had the biggest trade city and someone caught him stealing you could ban him from entering for 7 days meaning he can’t trade there for 7 days.

So by this it will mean there is a way to solve crimes in areas without banning players from servers lets say these are the public ones.


I think its going to be needed to have a blacklist system, also a being able to set a timer on the blacklist system seems like a pretty good ideas, but im not sure about the insta teleportation to an area within the beacon, wouldnt that be easily abusable for people to fast travel around their beacon?

also what do you imagine people will be able to steal? as far as im aware the idea of having a beacon means that everything within it is safe.

the owner of the beacon gets to decide everything that can happen who can open doors, who can get into containers, what containers etc so for example certaint may have shared chests so lets say a outsider came and stole everything cause it was on shared but was meant to be shared for the guild only

if it was shared for a guild only then you would most likely just put in a guild token, and voilá, the other thing is griefing in my eyes, but if you are that into rp wouldnt it make more sense to just completely banish the person who took everything from the town, rather than allowing him to do it again?

• Could a blacklist simply not let that person into your beacon area? Like the beacon border just becomes a wall for that person?
• Could a wall with a locked door achieve the same effect?


i agree with repulsor

  • for blacklist
  • for jails

It would be cool I guess, but I don’t think they should do a whole system around it.

Reason i would prefer a jail system is because it would give a richer immersion and create a better world rather than just a wall which gives a poorer immersion

Any time you allow a player to teleport another player to a location against their will, you can count on abuse. Example, say that jail cell is instead a player grinder that collects loot drops. Or lava.


Ohhhhh yeah… didnt even think of the insta kill perspective of it.

but again, if you want ‘‘immersion’’ then either you both agree to it or only you want it, hence its a bother for them, being more of an anti grief system and not immersion, you could just make a physical jailcell and ask people to stay there online for 15 - 20 mins time or blacklist them.

but then you get the case of im not going in then blacklist you cant set times for blacklisting last forever, bans you can put times on

Make blacklisting like an exile system. There’s your immersion.

@b00n actually had a great take on this, he should mention his part on this ideas as well.

but then you get the invisible wall which alot of people hate aswell

I’m sure if somebody gets pissed enough to exile, then who cares If they hate it? “Stop breaking the laaaw, ***hole!”

yes but as a mmo it has to have some sort of system instead of the minecraft plugin way which just bounces you back


‘‘Oort stones binds a given area to the soul of a person, it stops the worlds interference and makes the player able to control everything, who enters and who doesnt. the area is a part of you as much as you yourself are, it will keep you and your allies safe by keeping your enemies out, nobody can enter the barrier unless they are invited in by the host. this is your home, this is your heart…’’

What if you just have a guard NPC, pet or something so that when hostiles go near your beacon they can ward of enemies or hostiles on your blist. Could always put up like a fence around your perimeter so that people will have to get clearance into town? lol

ehhh. i’d rather prefer exile/blacklist so i dont have to encase the entire beacon in something they cant get through. (say if its a monument/statue or something like that)

because although the idea is good, a person could always just grappling hook into the area unless you completely encase it.

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Well I was kinda thinking the guard system for towns and stuff or like if somebody breaks into your house they will start to attack them. /shrugs lol