Jiivita's Third Person Mod

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Small update to my Third person mod over on:

This version, dubbed the Dev version, now supports updating it by pasting new addresses into the mods GUI. It also has some move advanced features available as well as the limiters removed. These new features are probably only useful to content creators but non the less they are fun to play with. :wink:

Feel free reply here if the mod/address needs to be updated. The README on Github also has recourses to enable the user to update it them selves for that DIY buzz.

README (as found on Github)

Provided “As is”

Update: Now supports being updated through the “MemAddress” and “JoyX MemAddress” input boxes in the f4 menue. Request new Addresses from Jiivita on the Boundless forums or DIY with the help of this video: “How to Update the 3rd Person Mod” https://youtu.be/v0qZT9Los7E

Usage: To enable zooming the camera in and out in third person for a better view.

The script will need an update with each new release of Boundless (testing servers not supported), and I will do my best to do so in a timely manner.

Extract the " Boundless Third Person Mod.exe " And " Third_Person_Mod.ini " to the same location and run the .exe AFTER launching Boundless.

Alternately you can use the Boundless Third Person Mod.ahk (if available) instead of the .exe if you have autohotkey installed.

You can alter settings and hotkeys by hitting the menu hotkey (F4 by default) or by editing the .ini directly (though making a backup would be advised). If an unrecognized hotkey is entered then the default for that control will be loaded. However if you edit the .ini and change the default to an invalid hotkey… then the functionality will break.

Sample Defaults: DefaultZoom_Out=+WheelDown DefaultZoom_In=+WheelUp DefaultCam_up=^WheelDown DefaultCam_down=^WheelUp DefaultZoom_Step=0.75 DefaultCam_Step=0.05 DefaultMv=0 DefaultGv=16 DefaultHv=1.5 DefaultMenu=F4

for more information on valid hotkey names see: https://autohotkey.com/docs/KeyList.htm and: https://autohotkey.com/docs/Hotkeys.htm For modifier symbols (shift, alt, ctrl, etc)


The above prompted by:


It works, Tyvm for this tool!

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