Join the End of the Worlds Hunting party!

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(Video has some footage from the hunting server)

Hello there fellow citizen of boundless, im QuestingKnight, but you may know me as virresss in game.

On Sunday the 12th of August 18:00 +UTC staring at the Hunters Courtyard
Portal seekers invite you all to an End of the Worlds Hunting Party
With a mission to get as many Citizens together to see how the meteors have changed and to prepare for the new worlds.

I hope may Citizens and other guilds will join the event. As this would be a great opportunity talk about ways, we can connect together as a community during the pre-release.

I also hope we can generate smaller and larger meteorites to test it and give some proper feedback to the devs.

So please bring your finest food and your best sling! Because this is going to be an awesome hunting party!

Look at the calendar for time and date in your local time zone


oh this is going to be EPIC!

thats… 1700 UK i beleive? (at the UK guys)

Look at the calendar for time and date in your local time zone

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ahh it goes up not down lol thanks for that 1800 will be 1900 my time

We need more players ! Join us It’s going to be fun!

Darn i left my dark matter sling on the hunting servers :wink:


Dont forget the hunt tomorrow :slight_smile:


I’m in and I did some reskilling so I can revive players to 100% of there health and no debuff.

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Has combat changed so you can’t get together as a group and power level like before? Or will we still be able to do that with pre-release / full release?

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I’ll be joining :smiley:

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Honestly I have no purpose left in the old universe. Testing on test, I accept its over for the old one. I will be on test until the game goes live. But please I hope you guys all join the last few hunts and have fun.

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Hey does anyone want free forged gem slingbows? I have some healing bombs too!

I can’t make it to the hunt tomorrow (doesn’t fit my schedule, sorry guys!) but I’d love to contribute my gear!

I have 12 slingbows and 3 healing bombs I think - hmu in discord or mention me here, just get me before I go to sleep in 2 hours ish

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Now we have some free items for the hunt so dont forget to join and test it!

thx for supporting the hunt @Aridhol and Portal seekers

got any left?

yeah sure there is at the hunters courtyard

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Sparta also has alot of forged bows available to choose from…

With that being said perhaps it would be good to know the planet we are going too so we know what bow to bring!
I would suggest Vulpto which means no Diamond / Ruby bows…
However Epsilo would be decent too which would mean no Topaz / Emerald Bows
Everyone hates Munteen and Nasharil too much lava and Munteen kills tanks!!!

So Amethyst and Sapphire bows should likely be good as long as we don’t go to Nash or Munteen…

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as far as i know its normally munteen?

but yes… it would be nice to know for sure :wink:

Unless we just go on a hunting tour of the universe?

Its not normally Munteen it’s Normally where the group votes… Again I have lead a lot of these hunt’s in place of ViresSs and Simoyd so I have a bit of knowledge in this area…

ok, but tbh i havent joined a hunt for 4 months? but back then we always picked munteen (htink i done 4 total and it was always munteenw hen i joined) sorry for supposing

Much has changed in that time period and Munteen is the home of Corrosive Element which negates armor and kill’s whoever is tanking… Its avoided like the plague because of that fact… The other planet that is very good at killing the tank is Alturnik which has Poison mobs that again bypass armor…

The rest of the planets are well unlikely to ever kill the tank if he keeps his Pie buff up… Epsilo has alot of ice which many people don’t like walking on but that also renders the Wildstock pretty easy to kill as they have a horrible time on ice… All in all Epsilo is my favorite location to hunt followed bye Vulpto the problem with Vulpto is people get distracted bye the birds lol… Lots of Road Runners there…

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