Joined workshops on moebiusplaza (closed)

this is my workshop
2 players allready joint
i give away 6 workshops to serious players (means with intentions to play alot the game and not one week)
also the big machine room can be used if asked

this is andys workshop

this is design of give away workshops just facade is mine the shop is yours

pinns workshop

give away workshop entrance

more design pics

workbench system

portal direct to all mayor portals and big hub

storage system

this is machine shop 3each color coded

this overal view


last one is with perpixel off

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How does one enter?

how you mean?
you can place beacon behind opening like andysav workshop
and build your shop if thats what ya mean same principal on the streets
all be on tommorrow or later this evening if i fix my car first lol

You said you’re giving a few workshops away, is there a way to enter the give away? I don’t understand.

what i give away is the plots behind the workshop openings i made in the big workshop
so we have them together

what i mean is you can take it its yours if ya want just dont go more than 2 wide
could be 2x8 2X100 lol
ithis is just workshop for big builds we have the streets just below the workshop
you can plot and take place as much as ya want on streets

tell me if ya understand if not i log in and come show

i log in now lol come see me there

im online in the workshop waiting now

do you now where it is

I currently do not have any available plots that I can use, sorry.
I was just trying to understand what this was, thank you for explaining it.

no probs just contact me if ya interested

workshops are more usefull if ya live in streets below it
could lend ya plots to always happy to see new faces around here lol

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Will do :slight_smile:

Last 2 spots left!

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added new workshops allready 7 people got one
ill keep adding so your always welcome


So @the-moebius when do we give the update with pictures of the finished tunnel and courtyard at end that you and I built? Since the houses there are kind of ready for a few serious builders to use…

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sorry xalda im busy switching to a new computer i will be back soon to do that
feel free to do it yourself if ya want
im just installing all stuff now on new pc
so im missing all my software for the moment to manage the screenshots

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Well if you all haven’t seen the final state of @the-moebius ultimate workshop and shop tunnel, here is how it turned out. At the end of the tunnel you end up in Excalibur Courtyard. My first attempt at a “build.” There are a few spots left for actual houses and shops for a bit more serious builders. There is also another tunnel and side courtyard for expansion…

There is direct portal access from Moebius Plaza by SWProzee’s Hub portal. Please give everything a visit if you haven’t to be able to do everyone’s work real justice which a screenshot cannot show.


one room is free now join or joined workshop connected to moebius plaza
plus my alt is moving to new hamlet on plaza so a second room will be free soon
if its ok with @willcrutchley ill contact you when i move out

theres also space on knightscourt at the end off workshop street for housing
and theres an portal to plaza so you dont have to walk far lolz

That’s ok with me, my stuff got taken anyways xD

oh it was not you who put in the sand?
and took the stuff?