(Joke Thread) Ritual to Summon Luca

Hi all! I was wondering what rituals people think we should do to summon Luca for an informational post about private worlds.

I think it’s universally accepted that coffee is the way to dev’s hearts so I’ll start by suggesting we do something like this:

And then maybe if we dance around it like this?:

What do you guys think? :joy:


Given the way we’ve been lately, maybe this will work best as a Dev Summon spell… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Casts Spawn Guiness Truck! :star2::star2::star2: (Lowers Silence resistance by increasing % based on amount)



Hm? 10 chars


The summon Guinness Truck worked! Quick, summon another!

…In my mind until now I’d interpreted Ross’s post as saying that you would be making the announcement but now that I’ve reread it several times it looks like that’s not necessarily the case. Sorry to have summoned you inappropriately, I did not think it would actually work but it looks like @bucfanpaka has the magic touch :star_struck:


Incoming!! :grin:



Sure you don’t mean this?

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Better watch out for the off-topic police called @HOST! He will move this ASAP to off-topic!

I mean, summoning rituals and all that is not good for those younger viewers around here, I worry about them!


tempting, but nah this one is fine :slight_smile:
maybe we need to flag your post…tempting


Wrong country! :shushing_face:


lol, not sure what the difference is but hey whatever, still love ya tho, right?

This topic is entirely about rental worlds. It is clearly very on topic and is a very serious and important thread. So therefore I would say to HOST…


(…although mostly b/c he’d have to get Stretchious or MajorVex involved XD)


Meh, even I can move it to off-topic :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

you sure about that xD

but i got nothing to do on this one so don’t worry stop biting xD

last post…the difference was that yours contained asking for personal info even if it was a joke it was not suitable but this topic is a question related rental planets and made as joke what i can accept…

Mine was made as joke too, me feel bad, me think you no likey me, me sad :crying_cat_face:

Is ok, no worries, will get over it, one day, till then, watch yourself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hmm, spell went awry… :thinking:

Casts Reroute Guiness! :star2::star2::star2:


Err, well this is awkward… now I changed the brew entirely. :frowning: Guess I need to level up my Summoning skill. Or change my class to “Bartender”…

But hey, still yummy, just need a few more bottles so there is enough for the whole team! :wink:


Yeah i just said there would be news, not necessarily Luca was doing it :stuck_out_tongue:


I just landed here and Idk what’s going on but how can I help in the dev-summoning? Quick let’s get more of them here.


as i said it was the last post but like to get this out of the way…xD

i like everyone! each individual equally i dont like one person more or one person less.

The Mega Brews seem to be effective - we may have found a weakness. :wink: Summon a few more rounds, we’ll get 'em talking! :grin:

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