Would you rent a planet if you couldn't

This is how I thought it would be, and how I think it SHOULD be from the start. …

You know, this whole color-scarcity, “My color is rare, I want 2000c or more per BLOCK because it doesn’t exist anywhere” sort of mentality this community has wouldn’t be a thing if certain features would work as they were originally advertised to work, and not be super-limited on what blocks it can be used on. *cough*SPRAYS*cough* … Ahem. …

Yeah, my 2 cents.


If I cannot pick the colors then I will not be renting. Why would I pay real money for a planet where I hate the colors? In fact if I got a planet like beckon where it rained 7x24 I would also not be happy. If there is not going to be any control on what a planet looks like color and biome wise, then I unless there is some other reason I cannot think of, I will not be renting a planet.

If I cannot control all access and not just plotting permissions then again, what is the point? Do I really want to have players coming through a portal and constantly tearing up the landscape for the wood or dirt or ash or whatever other blocks might be near my build? Why did I pay for it if other players can trash it?

I cannot fathom that there would not be some control over selecting the tier. But if I could not then I would not rent a planet.



That’s what I want - whatever rented world I pay for to follow the rules. So it gets a palette typical for that tier and type of world (colors are then assigned randomly - still, looking at how this random factor works, the permanent worlds get quite narrow range of colors, as a lot of other colors are reserved for exo worlds and then gleambow allows to get some really rare colors not covered by exo and permanent palettes).

What if you hate green and get a green planet?

Or if you lack confidence in your masculinity and get a pink and lilac planet?


We (namely ya boi Luca) are working on private worlds at the moment. Hopefully should have some announcements at some point “soon”. Excited for you peeps to see what the plan is :slight_smile:


Uh oh
You’ve outed him

You tease you!


Or an exact replica of Lamblis? :scream:

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So what happens if the player base grows and then a color someone wanted appears on a new planet? So they rented a planet, invested all the time into building, but had wanted a color that some players in the community was against calling it P2W and now the color appears? I would be more than a little angry.


Too bad for them
Rules are rules

But you’re right it would be a bummer.

Ok but like Luca is for real my boi. His work on the World Builder and wrapping and whatnot is simple awe-inspiring and amazing. :heart_eyes:


Pretty sure they will, otherwise what’s the point? I can just run a creative world locally if I want to be on my own

If you don’t want to change any rules, or important ones then it can be in the public universe and I see no reason why it wouldn’t.

I want to chose my tier and type and want to say where. I want a T4 Lush close enough to Trung so I can use 1x2 portals to it.

I want people to visit and do everything they want to, only thing they can not without my permission is plot…

Colours and biomes can be random for the beginning and for my first planet. It would be nice if in future we can change more things.

I also want to mention that I rather have any form of rental planet now and have them refine it over time then wait until they can let us customise everything with a nice user interface


To the best of my knowledge and in any interactions with the developers, there are no colors limited to the exos. Lucent resources are the only item limited to Exos.

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Honestly more than anything else I want a world with reduced gravity and breathable water. The rest I’m less concerned with.

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If this is how the developers think it should work, and not the community then fine. I cannot see me renting a planet and I know a few others in my guild feel the same, so maybe we wait until we can create our own universe and eliminate this rule and invite other like minded players to play there.

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still each type of exo gets very similar colors all the time


On backer list there were listed visitation and living rights on developer planet. So I expect planets have own permission settings for both of those. But there wasn’t reading anywhere is that planet going to be working with normal rules :smiley:

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Maybe but since the developers are manually kicking these off they may be working of preset color palettes. I need to ask the next time I have a chance to talk to James.


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