Just a couple little things I've been working on

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@jesshyland :o I can’t wait for these to be in game!


It looks like we might be able to have different color ones too? :smiley:




They’re all fully tintable, just like doors!


Yesssss I need them! :laughing:


Just out of curiosity would you be able to post a picture of some black glass?? Pretty please?




Is the RGBA glass blocks with different colored sides or glass panes?


Oh boy, I need to stock pile lots of white gleam now to put behind these window sills so that i can have some ambient ‘mood’ lighting.


Lol. All those old art posts actually got you to post new stuff. The glass looks fantastic. Can’t wait to use it in my builds.



Can’t wait to play with these! :heart_eyes: Thanks for your work!!


:smiley: These are going to be so inspiring!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


So, they’re not blocks - they’re meshes. As you can see here, they’re quite thin(about 5cm thick):

They have similar placement logic as doors, in that you place them just inside the edge of a block, but unlike doors, you can place as many together as you like and they should mesh together.

In the case of RGBA, here’s a more overhead shot so you can see - I placed four sides(one red, one green, one blue and one white) to form a column:

Then I put some gleam in it(Cold Berry gleam, to be precise) - you can see how the glass just forms this translucent wash of colour on top of the gleam. I shouldn’t encourage you to do anything that would give Luca nightmares but I think you could achieve some very interesting effects with multiple layers of coloured glass…


Soooo… update with glass tomorrow… or? Lol. I kid. I can wait till next week-ish.


That looks awesome!! Can’t wait!! You’re now my new favourite dev!!! Lol

Love the comment at the end too especially the “tm” lol


Will they hold back water?


Good question. I went to check and filled my house with water:

So, yes. Although they’ve got some z-fighting issues. Something for @lucadeltodecso to have a look at.


Oooh I can see a potential major upgrade for my underwater workshop on the horizon :grin:


Nice!! :slight_smile:

Now I guess you’ll need to design a Shop Vac. :rofl:


I like the designs but also am not liking some of the way a few of the blocks connect in the design. I am not sure if it was feasible but it would be nice to have some of the patters (art deco ones) merge together like the clean glass does where you do not have a line for each block.


Potentially possible, but becomes very limiting for the designs! Because these can be placed together in a dizzying array of orientations, making them seamless in all combinations would have required the designs to be more samey across all of the different pane types. I did consider it, but decided that I liked having a wider variety of designs better.