Just a couple little things I've been working on

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Good - better - best Way to go @jesshyland :+1: :+1: :+1:
Very nice textures;
Almost can’t wait for this to show up in-game :grinning:
Keep on working :boundless:


I figured that might be the issue at hand. I guess the question is are we able to have meshes that are larger than 1x1 block? Could you create a design that is 2x2 mesh and be placed as that? I assume it isn’t possible because each voxel is 1x1?

I am sure these aren’t all your designs but if I could offer a suggestion I would like to see some in the art deco style but less busy in the middle. Basically in the picture you have for Art Deco, the top two (2x2 and L shape) ones without the stuff in the middle and instead be just the “framed” lines and arrows. That way we can have a nice framed window and still see out a bit better.


Actually, they are! I took inspiration from some Art Deco-style windows and designs I found online, but the ones I made are entirely of my own design.


Great job! I’m excited to get these in game and do some building!!


Wow, why would you say such a thing??


Please don’t do this in here… use a PM


Because I was courteous and assuming that a designer had a ton of different ideas and things in the hopper for what might and might not work or might be still in consideration. I don’t go in assuming that any Designer was only showing the X number of things we were going to get. Instead of assumed there might be more coming.


Well they are lovely but I hope you can take the suggestion to do a framed one or something along those lines so the center of the window is clear (or minimal lines) somehow.


I just read it as "only " meaning “other designs still to be revealed”.


Maybe Im giving the benefit of a doubt but I read that statement as implying you haven’t shown us all of your designs, which being the fantastic artist you are hope is true and we might see some surprise art unreleased as of yet.

ps: I hope we do get surprised by some art pieces over time even though it’s always a swoon fest when you do post your art pieces


I think Xaldafax was saying these aren’t the complete breadth of designs jesshyland had created, NOT that the designs weren’t all theirs.


I’m sure these aren’t all of the designs you’re working on…

(fixed it for ya :wink: )


Ehh, kinda felt like the opposite in fact, perhaps just worded awkwardly I suppose so that it could be misinterpreted…

Since when are we not allowed to talk about things in the forums freely? Just found it an odd comment and had to address it. Because I did it publicly Xalda now replied to it publicly that he didn’t mean it like that, if this was done private many people would’ve thought he was trying to insult her…

Not everything on here needs to escalate! :wink:


Yea was worded wrong. I thought he was saying that some one else did some of them as well as her.


Ah, I see what you mean. Sorry for misinterpreting. However, I’m pretty sure this teaser does show all of the glass pane designs and assets that we have for now! There are other things in the pipeline that I am now working on, but this is it for glass for now.


I truly do appreciate you want to ensure there’s no malcontent. I’m just suggesting that you inquire in a pm, just incase it’s misinterpreted and we loose control of the discussion. I apologize if I offend. Perhaps I should have done the same.


Sounds like we’ll be getting cool pipes to move around liquids next!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:


Can we trade this out for the beacon update?


Haha, I won’t say what I’m currently doing but I’m afraid it’s not that :slight_smile:


Hell, i’d trade it for farming :laughing: