Just a couple little things I've been working on

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Ladders perhaps? :star_struck:




I really love the new meshes! Thank you for your work!


I guess that means they’ll count towards the mesh limit? That might be worth us bearing in mind when planning & building with these.

But other than that, they are amazing :smiley:


Both!!! I really do hope so! And more props!





What in the hell, that thing looks like a torture rack!


Bunk Couches.


Ive never seen one before and I already have a sense of agony if I thought about being on the bottom bunk.


Thanks for sharing this with us! It is so cool to see what you are working on and what is coming.

Also thanks for sticking around and chatting a bit :slight_smile: <3 's from players to devs!


Some diabolical dungeon-type props probably would be a good addition to certain builds I’ve seen… :joy: :smiling_imp:


No it was NOT worded incorrectly. The people that are trying to chastise me read the context incorrectly and should own their own things instead of trying to make me be the wrong one here.

And I don’t appreciate people coming in trying to tell me how I should speak unless I ask for advice. Instead they should focus on their own communication style. I don’t argue that it could have maybe been worded better but it wasn’t really required. Why?

The designer is showing work they are doing. Then she reiterates that she has control over the decisions and what she liked and didn’t like. So my message is in the context that she is doing the work and they ARE her designs. Why would I even question that she “farmed out the work” and then is presenting the work as hers? Even if she had farmed it out it was still hers because she is the designer and it is her responsibility to deliver the assets to the game.

Additionally, in any design process it is common that there are hundreds of iterations. We see that throughout the forum with examples and ideas and things. So I would go in with the assumption that they are “not all her designs being shown” and decided to just say it as I was typing the message.

I get that sometimes I can come across strong and sometimes we argue, but I don’t appreciate how people assume the negative with things instead of assuming the positive. This was a positive thread and everything I was communicating in my message was in a humble, gracious, and giving manner. Stop assuming I am out for blood.

People really need to think twice about if they are reading the everything correctly before they just swoop in to try to beat another person up. And then at least take the personal responsibility to apologize if they made the mistake.

NOTE: this is not directed at all to @jesshyland but to those that felt the need to make it a bigger issue. She did not need to apologize for misreading because yes it could have been said differently.


Thank you for showing all of this off! The new panes look awesome and will definitely benefit some of our builds around town. I saw above that these will be considered meshes, not blocks; does this mean we have to worry about the complex block mesh limit using these or no?

Secondary question cause I’ve never gotten a straight answer asking around, is there a plan to make regular glass blocks chisel-able or will those stay solid for the time being?


Are those screws made in China? Cause I think death is inevitable if they are. One screw snaps and it’s Ned Stark kinda day. :dizzy_face:

*** edited to say. I mean no offense to Chinese screws.


These are absolutely magnificent! :black_heart:



At the moment, yes. I don’t know if @james has other intentions for them or not.

At the moment, nope! The reasoning behind normal glass not being chiselable(you can make some real odd and downright broken-looking shapes because of the lack of texture in the middle of the block and it could be confusing to interact with) still stands and I don’t currently have plans to change that block design.

Thanks for all the kind words and excitement!

Make glass chiselable?

Good to know, won’t go trying to do any stained glass statues on the onset :joy:

I was unaware that glass behaved that way, thanks for clarifying on that! Can see why that’s not enabled now, and not the most urgent thing to mess with anyway with these new beauties coming along.

Good luck with the rest of design and test, and thanks again for everyone there working hard to make this game awesome :smiley:


The big question here is… are they going to be tintable with spray’s from goo farming? Would give the goo Farming a much needed boost!


Amazing work.