Just a couple little things I've been working on

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Pretty sure I read they are tintable somewhere up there :point_up:


This happens too much on the forums. Just day before yesterday someone said some pretty horrible things to me and made a horrible judgement of my character, though they’ve never had any negative in game experience with me. Never spoken to me, and never even tried to communicate any issue. “Apparently, I disrespected a large group of people on the forum, and I honestly have zero clue what they are even referencing.”

I think we all need to breathe sometimes and perhaps err on the side of not assuming the negative… and at the same time, not every issue needs to be drug through the mud over and over. No one is perfect and we all have different lenses with which we view our perspectives. Remembering that someone might be having an “off day” and perhaps not being their best…

At the same time, being aware of our faults and working to fix them goes a long way, in the end.

Now, can we get back to this insanely positive post about new toys? :blush:


Can you spray doors? I have not tried


Oh, when I say tintable I mean the asset supports being different colours. I have no idea whether they are sprayable or not.

Being able to spray paint Glass panes and gleam
Being able to spray paint Glass panes and gleam

Meh, this plot buffer thing is giving me a headache. I also read the comment wrong at first. My apologies.


I certainly hope so!!!


Thank you, boundless god!


What if we enjoy that? :stuck_out_tongue:

…wanders off to make a 100x100x100 plot glass maze…


@jesshyland WOW the glorious glass is amazing. I look forward to that feature of the game, well done!


Would it be feasible to have a variant of these panes that are aligned to the middle of blocks (rather than the inside or outside edge)? I suspect that would unlock a whole host of additional design options, especially when working with chiseled blocks. (Even if there’s no support for “joining” perpendicular panes, like MC has)


Its gonna be good the hype is here !! <3 sending some love your way


awesome only thing missing is a diy lantarn cobining gleam and glass :smile:


Can the glass panes be chiseled though? To make them angled, rather than only square


Since panes are a mesh, I don’t think they are(will be) chisel-able


A handheld lantern would be awesome when mining :slight_smile:


YESSSSSS !!! thank you :slight_smile:


This looks amazing!
Cant wait!


Trundamere’s brainbox explodes while trying to visually process what it is he is looking at.


LOVE LOVE LOVE the glass!!! Can’t wait to see more! (furniture maybe?? pretty please?)



These… Look… Amazing!

And tintable too!