Just a couple little things I've been working on

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Was thinking, any chance we could get some matching (and also tintable) glass doors with these glass panes?


Any clues on how to craft these lovelies?



This thread has been posted 2 days ago, and I only see it now? O_O
I LOVE THESE! Awesome stuff Jess!

@jesshyland Please, for the love of Glob, don’t make these require hard to find things. Don’t make them requires T7 stuff!


Watch it be 520 glass, 25 gleam lanterns, and 14 super enriched bonding agent for mass craft of 25 :joy:


OMG! those window designs are awesome!!! I can’t wait!!!


No, no, a very unreliable source, ghandy, told me that it would need 1440 super enriched to do a mass craft!


Worst part is, even tho it felt wrong I still looked this thread up to make sure he wasn’t right! I mean, that’s saying something right? :smiley:


If these end-up being easier/faster to make than gleam signs, I’m definitely replacing all my gleam-sign windows.


I’d imagine/hope glass + refined gleam only


But SEBA doesn’t have enough uses :joy:


I’d add a bit of iron bars to that. There are decorative frames holding the stained glass pieces.
And I’d say that would still be quite fair.


sadly ._,
i keep dreaming about glass round arch.


Oh pleeeeease. Thanks for the pictures, I really like where this is going.


holy moly!!! windows !!! hell YEAHHHHHHH!!! XD love them!! finally !!!


Ok that’s it more in the pipeline as if I don’t play enough Boundless as it is in a day you got me sitting here in forum too waiting to see what lovely things you come up with next :rofl::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Sorry if this was covered, but any word on crafting ingredients? I’ve ceased production on all things gleam and glass related for now. Don’t imagine I’ll ever need to make a gleam sign again.


This … Is… AWSOME!


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