Just bought a PS4 because of Boundless

Is that bad?

Of course, I’ll be playing other games like Little Big Planet 3 (loved lbp2), the last of us, Assassins Creed syndicate and I’ll be trying Destiny aswell. But tbh, Boundless was what made me go “fml, I’ll just buy it” even tough I have the game on PC and I can’t wait for the release in 2016!


Of all the consoles I’ve owned, I think the ps4 has been the best investment. So many great games.


Your a true Oortian,and I salute you.


I just can’t imagine that an MMO is better on a console than on a PC.


That was exactly my thought.

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Not leaving the PC master race, but i’m looking forward to playing it on my couch :stuck_out_tongue:

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I might not have sounded like that but that wasn’t a: “Why u changing system? PC master race !!!111!!1”^^
But I think there are games you can better play on a console and some you can play better on a PC or rather with a keyboard instead of a controller.

For example, how do you chat on the console? Extra, keyboard for the PS4?^^

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Yea thats true. And I imagine a mouse is better for placing blocks quickly.

That and depending on how they implement it for combat too.

Wouldn’t it be cheaper just to buy a controler?

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Probably would, but the game doesn’t run super well on my pc either.
And PC’s are super expensive compared to consoles.

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It depends. I’m not sure but you might be able to make a PC with equal stats as a PS4 that costs less than a PS4. Does anyone know that?

I heard ESO was pretty nice on consoles.

Was it?^^ I found it pretty shitty even on PC^^

I personally enjoyed it a lot, especially since they removed the subscriptions. But yeah, those who did enjoy it said it was pretty good on consoles.

It’s pretty possible to nowadays. There are plenty of builds that top PS4 and XBone for similar prices, such as this one: https://www.reddit.com/r/pcmasterrace/comments/2srlo3/build_the_best_potato_masher_400_crushes_1080p/. If you’re willing to spend a bit more, you can get a lot better, and you can save a lot more money on games from Steam sales and such.

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And you can save a lot money (~300€ for my current rig) if you buy all the parts at the cheapest seller and reuse the DvD drive, Hard drive, power supply, etc. from your old PC.


I wouldn’t reccomend using older power supplies, though. They can sometimes fail, often resulting in all of the components being destroyed. Getting a brand new one with each build is the wisest course of action.

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Depends on the brand. I have a lifetime warranty on my current power supply.

Very true. EVGA and Corsair are my 2 brands of choice.