Just gonna let out a little rant here about big cities

What the hell is going on in this game with the big guilds?

I’ve been to several worlds, including Biitula, Boori, Arie, Xa Frant, and every time, I’m noticing this when I leave the physical cities from the TNT MegaHub :

Miles and miles of “reserved” space.

Like, I GET IT, you want all the prestige and/or you don’t want neighbors … in close proximity, but I’ve been running for several minutes and everything is plotted to hell!

The worst part was earlier on Biitula where I was actually trying to find a space to get large amounts of grass/foliage/plants/rocks and I couldn’t because it was all belonging to “The Park”… had to run for several minutes in frustration until I reached a point where the plots were too high/low to stop me from harvesting.

SO, OK, one planet, I’m like “tsss, these people…”, then two planets, three planets, THEN A FOURTH ONE, the one where I started playing the game, and I had to run 10 minutes until I managed to reach the limits of the big guild in control.

All I’m saying is that people are all up in my crib telling me “boo hoo, stop being negative, this is making players not want to play the game”, but imagine being a new player, landing on a world like Arie, and YOU CAN’T EVEN DO THE FREAKING TUTORIAL because a bunch of nutcases have plotted everything in advance SPECIFICALLY to prevent you from building!

Ain’t that crazy? I can’t be the only one who thinks this is crazy.


you know what they say, the bigger the land the bigger the (wo)man

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As someone who did this at one point in the game I can understand where there coming from.

For me, I considered the enviroment around me to be apart of my build, and my thought process was I didnt want anyone placing builds within the max visable render distance.

However, for myself I did this on Norkyna, and the key advantage of plotting a large area on a tier 6 world was that it made it impossible for creatures to spawn anywhere near me, plus I was far less likely to block building for other players because not as many people build on high tier worlds (much less new players).


I can understand not wanting a neighbor in a perimeter of, say, 20-40 plots.

But you see the screenshot. Trying to prevent people from building in a perimeter of 500 plots around is insane, and it’s DIRECTLY an issue for new players. Max render distance is HUGE. On a T6 world, sure, who cares, as long as you don’t plot in the ground itself… that would prevent people from mining/harvesting just because you’re afraid of neighbors…
And on a T1 world where new players will land? It’s shameful, that’s what it is. If you’re currently doing is, I’ll say it, shame on you.


I also see why this is done. Back in the early days when there were gleam towers all over, 2d art projects and those huge slides. I would not want to see them or have them near my builds. Others might want to, your choice.

Also as @Vansten said the landscape is part of the build.


Oh well, then let me declare that the entire world of Raxxa is part of the Raxxian Sanctuary, that makes it ok for me to plot the entire world, right?
Ain’t that just like what we had back then when good ol’ Krasniy was around claiming all of Biitula as his Axon empire?

No. I’ll argue that the build is the build. Period. Wanting to preserve it and its integrity is one thing. Preventing anyone from building because you might be able to see it in Max render distance is another.

And yeah, I know a thing or two about annoying eyesores. I mean, Krasniy himself wanted to make me pay for daring to debate against his political avatar by trolling me in game while staying in the limits of the game’s rules by making eyesores all around me, pretending he didn’t know who owned my build, making up stories, like when he said he picked the place to build his monolith randomly and such. Then he slipped up and went too far and James had to intervene.
The other ones were a bunch of spanish players who were assuming the game’s form of PvP was annexing other people’s builds and claiming them as their own to get the most prestige, before the plot-protection and guild update. So yeah. I know how bad it can be.

But hopefully, all people aren’t like this. People usually know not to build right next to you because they might also not want to be near your build.

And yeah, I get you. Those spanish players I mentioned were doing that too. And I think there might still be a 2D art project not far from the Raxxian Sanctuary. Unless it got reclaimed, I don’t know.

The truth is that this is partially connected to Prestige.
I won’t lie, prestige has been a thorn in my side since I’ve started playing the game in 2018.


The Park is mine and I have actually spent a fair bit of time moving plotting to alt16 so peeps could farm the land above. There is still a large amount of land plotted above ground though.
Also, not unusual for the tnt or whatever hubs to be built in an active area though in my little hub there are plenty of portals to areas more free of plotting.
All you have to do is stick a aug in your atlas and you’ll find plenty of land to harvest or build on.

We are over 3 years in and some players have plenty of plots but also many are still playing and creating…shouldn’t that be encouraged or should we be shaming the whales into leaving also.


Don’t get me wrong, I got nothing against you specifically.

It’s just the concept of trying to plot way more than you physically need that I’m against.
Especially while the game is in bad health and doesn’t have a lot of players, it’s not good to prevent the few who might want to start playing from making builds, just because you might see them from the top of your ivory tower.

You just gotta trust that these players will stay if they like the game, or their builds will regen if/when they leave, and for your own sake, hope that you’ll outlast them. Then there’s also the possibility of chatting with people, asking them if they would be ok with moving, maybe you could help them too, etc.


I do understand your frustration though. I don’t remember what planet I was on but it did have a boat load of plotting done and I had to run forever to get some resources.

I personally don’t have those kind of plots to burn.

I built on a T5 planet and not many people around. Have a bunch of stuff plotted but I have built on 90-95% of it. Just the normal plot buffer.


Hmmm, that gives me an idea…


White-ish marble tower?

This here is the definition of my Boundless existence haha :slight_smile: I have a decent chunk of land that started small and grew as time went by. I’m sure I did take more than I needed but it wasn’t because I didn’t want to see other ppls builds, it was because of trolls. We have all had some at one point in here I’m sure lol lol. But most importantly I wanted to create and expand my own personal paradise. I love to preserve nature and to build into it, big open flower fields and big lakes with glowing water, from top to bottom I’ve reconstructed so much of the land because it’s what I love to do.
That being said a new player with no grapple would have to hike around to gather mats or find plots near my place because I have developed so much, above and below ground.
I could see that being frustrating for some newer players trying to settle in but there does seem to be more free land these days since sovereigns and the pop dwindling.
I do try to approach any red dots around in case there’s a new player that needs a little help.


Well I’m conflicted on this, but I do tend to agree that some of these plotted areas are just silly. I mean what if someone actually wanted to build around TNT? I know I did at one point when we were discussing building a small area for new players where they could get information and maybe a little tutorial etc.

I plot quite a bit, but I usually reserve that to my sovereign. If I did do it on a homeworld I would only do it when I planned to build on it. In the games current state, I don’t see a need to have half a planet plotted at all … unless there are actual builds on them … even then I don’t really see a reason for it.

I’m ok with a buffer zone around a city, but anything more than a 10 plot buffer to me is just overkill.


I guess I should stop building with gleam and quit building my slide project then. I wouldn’t want to hurt your poor delicate eyes.

But seriously, the gatekeeping over what people should be allowed to build is one of the reasons I started playing less. This is a creative game, and different people have different ideas of creativity.

I personally have claimed plots in the air over the top of the mountain I’ve built on and above to prevent trolling. I suffered pretty badly at the hands of a troll, who was apparently quite big in the community, early on in the game and as a result ended up playing somewhat defensively. If someone wanted to build in the area I currently have reserved, I’d let them.


I know I saw something like this bought up in at least one Steam review, where someone had to wander for forever to get what they needed. Might be made worse by the fact that a newcomer with no experience might be inclined to aim their warp point at a place that looks like it has a lot of buildings or some people around.

It was part of why I thought we should maybe have some T0 tutorial worlds that could be opted for - these would offer things much weaker blocks to speed progression while learning and gaining some exp to increase skills, have hand-picked biomes to make it a bit easier going (so you don’t wind up with something like Beckon’s terrain starting out), handcrafted permanent capital with tutorial areas, and also (though they’d have to be warned of this) limit plots owned on the world to something like a thousand.


The way I play is only plot where your roads are gonna be- plot where you are actually gonna build and leave the rest.

I’ve also ran for miles to dig down in many home worlds and gave up- logged off so I can understand the frustration @Goblinounours

One thing I hate more is private plotted mines on home worlds- this makes me sooo angry


That T0 world idea is a pretty good! I’m wondering if it could be possible for it to be a super small world that’s kept client-side like the Sanctum, and once you leave it, you can never go back, unless you make a new character.


Hi there Goblin, I understand your view on this matter but you are shouting about ‘reserved land’ in Arie when in fact you are actually standing on the land that is occupied by a massive underground build. It is known as Lalafell cave and can be accessed from the East end of TNT hub among other places. Just a little FYI as not all land is as empty and reserved as it might at first seem


I think a big issue is simply the planet you got lumbered with. Arie is specifically a bad one, as its home to the person with the most prestige in game and who has huuuuge areas of land. Darth plays constantly and from being there he does, or will use all the land.

Perhaps instead of throwing people on those planet trung or the newer planets would be better as not much going on there

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Same with my builds. Big ass mountains that appear empty til u go inside…assuming they haven’t regenerated lol