Park (a tourist guide)

Welcome to Park, a sprawling set of diverse builds on the beautiful world of Biitula.

A solo build for a self-indulgent builder.

If visiting, please consider turning any light sources off and bring grapples…it can be dangerous!

There is much to explore not detailed below and everything is in some state of WIP :slight_smile:
Exploring certain areas can look very different during the day/night cycle.
Many projects on the go or yet to be started.

Main Hub and shop area:

Cheap coils, lots of request baskets and access to some wonderful neighbours both near and far

easy access via the majestic megahub TNT

and the wonderfully sublime, EZPZ!

Travel via portal or gravity to my workshop and also the network of tunnels to various builds

topside hub area:


workshop: use grapple

storage area:

Around the edge of the storage area are tunnels leading to various builds. These tunnels are indicated by torches and a sign in front of each one

Build list:

  • Hub, shop and surrounding area
  • The Well & The source
  • The Archive
  • The Farm
  • The Nexus
  • The Night Garden
  • The Sky Temple

The Well

always something to explore…

some past event caused a major rupture to the Well.

start of quite a long multi-layered cavern system (grapples and lava!)

The Source
part of the same build as The Well but a different entrance and viewpoint…

The Archive
dwells under a lake and once held many exotic materials of many colours, all now long gone

via a tunnel here

or here

or here

go through water door to torch-lit tunnel to surface

more to be built here but construction has been postponed


The Farm

take the waste pipe…it’s quite a journey and mind the lava on the way.

The Nexus

A network of paths dug deep into the land, cantered around…TBC.
(Was going to be a new workshop but not so sure now…something will surely appear, given time).

the tunnels lead various places but head south

here the tunnel had a collapse but continue ahead

this is the start of the underwater tunnels…take the first right…

…then take this short tunnel and fall out the end into the very unfinished Nexus


The Night Garden

Lots of little works scattered around, with many more to come (eventually).
Best viewed at night, funnily enough

Sky Temple

more to do here


reserved. woah, it can’t be that big…can it?!
not yet maybe but one day…

Thanks for the guide! Have navigated through the Park for n times and got lost for n+1 times :rofl: and I blame the stunning views. And I had a lot of fun finding “secret” entrances :laughing:

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cheers :+1:
I love builds with lots of nooks and crannies and which reward a little exploration.
There are quite a few un-documented tunnels and areas not contained in this basic guide and more will be added over time.

a new lake temple above base area

hmm…might need to tone down the lighting a bit

edit: tuned the dimmer switch…less is definitely more


Beautiful stuff man! I’ll swing by sometime soon to check it out.

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finished the tunnel to the Sky Temple…gives a very long, mostly underwater, ride with views that can be rewarding!
Just don’t forget to extinguish any lights before commencing your journey :+1:


Welcome back!

Love your place. It’s always on my to go to list as it seems like everytime I go I find something new I didn’t see the last time. Looks like I need to come visit again. Keep up the fantastic builds.

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