Keep your "macros" to your self

Pro, s push spacebar lol

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Every x minutes? Its like a woman saying ill be ready in a couple of minutes when we know thats going to to be more than a couple… So let’s take 1 hour i dont see the problem here it helps the game and if u can’t be bothered to prove u are “human” when the game system requires you to do so… Then u dont care about the game, its that simple! you want to play and have any achievement with pride not because the computer does it for you, at these times we need to help eachother to improve the game and if this is what it takes then so be it! Im open to any game changes that helps the game stability and Player base. If u let people. Glitch, cheat, bot, the player base will just become lower and people will quit because those that play fair can’t compete against those that bot,glitch, cheat…and those that bot, glitch, cheat wil quit eventually because it gets bored! So this is what I think of it and if u disagree/or are against any game inprovements to block out any glitching, botting abuse come to Crymoar in xa frant we have the tissues for your issues ready…

Can you give numbers how big this botting issue really is?

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Those are different, random button input is what makes it work not find the picture within more pictures that would be bad lol

Haha, I’m definitely no pro, in fact I’m such an idiot that i use a controller on a pc… basically I am voluntarily gimping myself. But with my feet up on the recliner in front of the big screen I feel its worth the little bit if suffering.

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Maybe next time try reading what I posted. There are solutions that don’t involve annoying players.

And “crymoar”? Good to know civilised conversation isn’t welcome in this thread.

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Keep it civil in here please. There is absolutely no need for passive aggressive statements in this conversation.

This applies to everyone.

It’s from Blade Runner. An officer is performing a test on a suspected replicant (android) to determine if they’re human or not by asking a series of empathetic questions.


I understand but at this point in gaming its like arguing about smoking sure its bad but ppl are gonna do it anyway and rectify it regardless of the negatives. I dont do it but tools are out there just like I cant go smacking cigarettes outta ppls mouths you wont stop trollers and macro botters by talking and pointing out logic.

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Id just light another :smiley:

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Exactly PLUS youre forgetting people make a living out of selling botted stuff so tell a guy in a 3rd world country (or hell just poor guy anywhere) that its wrong and he’ll be like IDC i gotta eat.

Well I am not surprised. We and the developers have allowed all kinds of things that give the perception that actions like this are ok. Once one person does it then many people feel “justified” in their actions or will find various “excuses” on why it makes sense to them.

Personally I think the discussion should not be as much about whether cheating like this is allowed or not because obviously some things should be put in place or people held accountable for their actions. Instead, I feel the discussion should be more about fixing the things that cause people to want to do this even more.

People want various resources so they can prestige bomb in an effort to create the biggest city for the ability to have the highest footfall and sell anything they can to shops for additional coin in an environment that has and imbalanced resource distribution model.

I have always believed that if we delinked prestige from all aspect of the game but a simple leaderboard it would help. Also, by removing footfall and giving better income from quests and dungeons and other things we solve more things. Additionally, fix the tedious grind by simplifying things and finally balance the rare/common resource distribution model once and for all. Lastly by removing regen bomb’s (instant ability to regen) we help stop people taking advantage of things. If we fixed that and put in a better shop/economy model with contracts and other things the game play would be much different.

All of those things rebalances the game and certainly remove much of the incentive people have to cheat. It doesn’t solve all cheating since some is very hard to stop but it certainly makes the game better for everyone. This I think is much more important and what we should focus on instead of trying to define who is right about what is a “cheat” or not and where that line is.


I dunno about removing regen bombs though, nerfs hurt player count.


This again…seriously


I was talking about the instant regen ability. It is a cheat too on base levels and creates reasons to macro as well. A regen can happen but it would force the regen timer to go instead of be instant. Either way the issues we have help drive people into cheating so fixing those can help stop some of it.

But, I don’t want to get into all the specifics of what to remove or not. I was just giving my view.


Make it so regened blocks don’t drop as many (diminishing returns) resources anymore to encourage moving around more? I’d like to keep the option of gathering the actual blocks in a regenable way, deserts would be swiss cheese after a good glass crafting session :smiley:


Can I give all of this a +10,000,000,000? A +1 doesn’t do nearly the justice.

Regen is a cool mechanic but it’s been easily abused for a very long time. Not that i don’t appreciate the work your farms are. I’ve used them for ever, and others, but only because they make a mechanic ‘safer’ to do. I’ve built my own personal farms as well that don’t look fancy or pretty but serve the base function of allowing regen resource farming.

Loop macros are easy to set up specifically in regen farms. Regen farms were created to fix what some perceive an inconvenient mechanic (resource farming in the wild). Then you have people who didnt like those but started using them just because it was more efficient than constantly stopping to fight the environment. Then since it’s a boring chore/task to gather resources you have many people that loop macro inside regen farms.

Each thing done is a perceived fix to a perceived problem. Everyone plays this game differently and what someone finds fun, others aren’t going to find fun. Where some can play for hours on end and have an advantage, others will maximize their time in other ways to not let an advantage slip.

It doesn’t make sense to me. I’ve never understood respect, or prestige, or whatever else in a video game. It’s entertainment at the end of the day. How people choose to entertain themselves is their personal choice is I guess how I feel about it.

I don’t think you should feel targeted because he brought up the regen stuff. It’s an issue that others try to find other workarounds whether ti was intended from regen farms or not.(let’s not forget that chisel macro someone was speaking of earlier, or the block change macro)

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Dear God no, please don’t come after regen bombs with the pitchforks and torches :sob:

I almost never use them, and when I do it’s for a certain color gleam I want etc. but never for profit


Before all kinds of drastic measures are even considered, we must have a more solid view on

  1. What is specifically the problem?
  2. What makes it a problem for your gameplay?
  3. How does it change your gameplay?

Some other questions that pop up in my mind are:

  • What is the ethical border between abuse and optimal use of gameplay?
  • How many people are applying dubious gameplay?
  • How specifically does it affect the game and its community?

I can’t answer these questions myself now, because I honestly don’t know, but they may be a lead to somewhat more structured discussion on this interesting topic.


  • reformulated question 2
    How much of a problem is this auto-clicking/botting for yourself?
    is now:
    What makes it a problem for your gameplay?
    ** added question 3