Keep your "macros" to your self

I do not feel my gameplay is disturbed by anyone else’s botting/macroing/auto-clicking (whatever). Maybe I am very naive, but I am wondering how big this issue really is for the boundless economy. I think there are much more pressing issues for the econmy, like player count.

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imo there isnt becouse you can’t macro farm most wanted resources
you cant even macro farm blocks at exo planet becouse you need safe place to toss regen bomb
no idea about mining - is it possible to make macro to run straight and use tool? but even if so - at some point mountain will end… so at least you need to check your character from time to time - not counting that when you are mining your inventory becomes full in 5 minutes

Shopkeeping takes a lot of crafting, compacting stuff, alloys, forge ingredients, essence, building materials, often in multiple machines. I’ve never chrysoed anything I crafted, I throw my rocks as rock in to the minter. For me it’s a trash can.

Also I have 7 alts, a couple with multiple skillpages and none of them overlap in their specialities :smiley:


I honestly don’t know what the overall impact is. I’m assuming this is only being done by people to farm and refine gleam (as an example) and turn it into coin in the chryso. So in a way I guess it is bringing coin into the economy and could even be a good thing… but I really don’t know, that’s just a guess. Like you I haven’t seen my gameplay disturbed by it because those people are probably spending the money they’ve made in a shop like mine buying tools, haha.

I’m a shopkeeper too, but only selling forged goods so I guess it’s a lot less craft intensive.

And I have 6 alts… 2 with 5 pages and 3 with 4 pages… and I’ve never had to sit there crafting rocks just for the sake of crafting rocks to level? I’ve just go there by playing the game naturally.

im leveling up just mining and gathering or building :slight_smile: farming exo is good source of level up - one exo with nice colors can give 5+ levels

I have a busy little shop…mass crafts are a several times a week clicking exercise.
My build is also quite big and growing, which requires feeding with lots and lots of mass crafts
My spare rock goes out on shop stands though, for free.
Different strokes for different folks…no right or wrong.


I just tend to do everything in bulk so I don’t have to do it often. So for me it’s pretty much a full machine or nothing. I haven’t crafted anything for the sake of minting it, I don’t want to deal with the wear and clicking and juggling items, the minter is just a trash can so I don’t have to throw stuff on the ground and be careful not to hoover it back up :smiley:

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Absolutely fair enough. I’m sure you and several others legitimately build big and build often. And I can only imagine the headache (wristache) trying to keep a busy brick/marble/rock store full would be.

I just can’t see how the average person can be spending so much time clicking that it’s actually such a big issue.

This I can appreciate! But I guess I just spend more time collecting and hoarding than I do crafting/creating. Give me a way to auto sort my inventory into my storage and I promise I’ll forever stop doubting the need for the “mass craft all” button, haha.


Guys jokes about race and sexual orientation arent appropriate in boundless in any context, thanks.


Whos Joking?

Apologies, a poor attempt to make light of the topic

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I know yall just joking, no worries

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Still love you though …Bleep…Bleeep…Bleep! lol


This is a supremely intriguing topic, and has lots of valuable input from the community that may have far reaching effects on the games future, so I want to try to keep it on track as long as possible!


Describe in single words only the good things that come into your mind about your mother? :grin:

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Ok… what?


So in conclusion, what are the top 3 most despicable uses for macro/botting? Which 3 have the most game breaking impact on the Boundless community? I missed a few replies, but there is a broad spectrum here ranging from “I just don’t want arthritis, or need adaptive equipment as part of my daily life,” to “Ph33r my 9,000 stacks of Fiber Leaves MWAHAHAHAHAAA!”

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