Keep your "macros" to your self

Yes, and afaik these hardware level macros are indistinguishable from actual keypresses so they’re hard to detect. Someone can prove me wrong :smiley:

are you going to ban microsoft programs?

Cheaters just get bored faster try build aquatopian empire on cheats it won’t work :grin:


Better get Sony’s permission then since NOT doing this on the PS4 is not exactly a good idea in my book…

But in AHK for instance you can put in sleep commands of any length, one can make it click slower than normal use so it won’t detect that…

I mean, sure if you want to add things to disable these type of uses then do it for all not just a handful…

The console detects that the controller has been detected tho and CAN send a message to a game that that happened.

Because honestly, I’ve had many a time that I was playing and my controller’s battery was empty but Boundless is the first game where my character continues on when it happens.

You have no idea how often I had to scramble to grab another controller or find a charging cable and take over control again since my char was about to die or mess up my build big time!!!

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There is only one valuable item in Boundless that you can consume in unlimited amounts, Oort. In addition, Oort can probably not be farmed with bots. There are two problems why we have the bot issue that should be fixed.

  • Everyone hates hunting for Oort, at least in the amount they want to spend it. This must be fixed if the game is expected to grow or even sustain. People start to cheat because they are addicted to the sweet sweet Oort.
  • The chrysominter was a mistake and should be removed. Without the minter you wouldn’t be able to sell what you’ve botted. the minter breaks the economy. You can easily bot millions of coins and spend them on Oort.
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I did not report anyone today.

TBF if a friend came over and told me they tried heroin today, I wouldn’t rush to my phone and call the cops, either.

I did express my distaste for the activity, and point out several reasons why, including potential social consequences. And if I became aware it was an ongoing activity, I would continue encouraging them to quit until, in the end, I stopped associating with them. I might report them, not sure and I hope it doesn’t go that far.

As for the whole rant on fairness, yes in several ways this is an inherently unfair environment. That’s not my point, personally. The devs work to create baseline requirements and impose them as equally as reasonably possible on all available platforms. That is, for the most part, as much as can be expected. If you don’t feel that equal output for equal input is fair, it’s a sidetrack I don’t care to go down.

What concerns/irritates/whatever me is people on either platform working to circumvent those systems, and imbalance the effort to reward ratios with external tools. And to continue with the drug use analogy, I see it as a social problem as much or more than a development concern in an environment like this.

As has been mentioned several times, the issue isn’t a simple auto-clicker. Or anything that can be done with a normal gaming mouse or some specialty hardware. I can already click faster than the machines can register, these tools aren’t saving anyone significant time or allowing them to walk away from their computer and generate ‘boundless profits’ in terms of coin, product, or prestige.

Microsoft intellipoint software is, in this regard, no different from logitech or any other company’s driver software for a programmable mouse. The fact that you can re-bind standard mouse actions to a different button in windows isn’t exactly the issue at hand.

You’ll notice the title of the thread isn’t “ban macro users” and this isn’t a suggestion thread ranting at the devs for not implementing better bot protection. Some of these things are not really stoppable, and some of them could only be stopped with such a hit to performance, or development cost, that it would in fact be counterproductive to try and address them programmatically.

I feel it does serve a purpose to bring this issue to the fore occasionally and sadly, it’s necessary to continuously point out that in fact, external bot scripts in an MMO are considered cheating in most games/communities. Boundless is no different.

@Trundameres example about EVE is a fair example regarding this thing going the other way. At fist a behavior is frowned upon, but enough players see advantage and they go for it. The developers see increased sales / active user counts / whatever they care about and begin to encourage the activity. Enough users start doing it that it becomes the baseline, an economic requirement. Then people start leaving the game because “normal” gameplay isn’t really worth it any more.

There will always be some people doing this sort of thing. The harder you work to force it to a stop, the more some of them will see a challenge to overcome. One of the simplest barriers against it becoming rampant, in my opinion, is just not allowing the activity to become normalized in the community.

So, here we are.



I thought this was the problem, the tools do allow you to walk away from the computer?

Ah just hashing over (once again) the difference between “auto-clicking” and “botting”.

Sorry if that paragraph is poorly worded overall but as noted “the issue isn’t a simple auto-clicker”.

It’s 3 AM here i should probably not be posting any more today :slight_smile:

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The confusion came from this

Or anything that can be done with a normal gaming mouse or some specialty hardware

Since the “bots” can be done with just a gaming mouse. Or maybe I misunderstood what the difference is.

I just think, its clear to everyone what is right and what is not. There always will be different player attitudes and I doubt devs can really do anything about it. It had been already said that they work on remodeling of the crafting system to avoid the excessive clicking.

It is upon us to enjoy the gameplay in its full variety and not compete in making coins.

well… did anyone noticed that you cant mining several hours and mint what you got? with limited inventory if you using macro at gleam/soil/mud atc you got full inv after 40 -60 minutes? so you cant left your pc working whole day and go to work, you need to be around to clean your inventory

Hence the example with multiple accounts aka multiboxing in this case Multi inventory i guess.

Can’t ya make the bot go sanctum homebeacon storage and back?

This might be a stupid question but… why is everyone spending so much of their game time clicking mass craft?? I’m guessing for most people it’s not for something huge they’re building or else all 50 planets would be covered in sprawling high rise cities by now… and I’m also guessing for most people it’s no to put their shiny refined night green rocks into a shop to sell… so I’m assuming the majority of it is in fact to increase the value of things for the chrysominter right?

You know what I do with my rocks when I come back from mining??? If I like the colour I put them in storage, if my storage is already full of that colour… then they go straight in the chryso (my trash can). The only time I ever get sick of clicking the masscraft is when I’m building something big, but even then this is usually only a one off exercise.


they leveling alts this way i think?

Experience :slight_smile: more plots = more better

Yeah I guess so… but if that’s the case… then should the devs really be “fixing” the crafting just so people can powerlevel and chryso money even faster???

Don’t get me wrong, I agree the crafting system isn’t perfect, but like I said numerous times over the economy debates there is a lot that we as players are to blame for or able to “fix” just by adjusting attitudes a little. How many alts does a person need anyway?

i have 1 alt for forging :slight_smile: and 3 skill pages at me so far - gatherer, builder and farmer (dont made farm yet…)