Keep your "macros" to your self

It would be easy to spot, an abnormal amount of packets sent to the server by a single connection via actions within the game should be flagged and investigated, especially if this is having a DoS type effect with a portal, this will depend on a human actually noticing it though, I do this stuff for a living so I know detection is relatively easy.

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I feel packet flow is the worst way to detect this.

The number of actions and their speed can be easily configured to match a real player :woman_shrugging:

You see, he was temporarily banned for running multiple accounts on one computer at the same time. It’s against the rules!

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My unpopular view is, WS doesnt have the Money to have proper bot protection so they run rampart.
All WS can do is tape out some repeat Actions that would give normal xp to non macro users. Which in turn makes the non macto user not so happy.
Onlythe Devs can solve this but it wont happen.
As in all other games i ever played.
For 30 years+.

yes possibly, but most basic users wouldn’t be able to tweak this to match it, also not seeing the point when the whole reason to do this would be to get stuff faster than a normal player could.

Ok, but my point is, this would be one of the ways to do it, if you have experience in this how would you do it?

Many other reasons to do it than speed. If you can be 100% afk the speed doesn’t really matter.

Again all true and I would suspect this would be almost impossible to detect.

Speed for a botter doesnt matter.
Persitence and more often now beeing not detected is more important.
Afterall, what you can do in 5 Hours a botter does 24/7 if not detected.

The key word being temporarily banned, I think they changed their minds about the situation after some hoohaw that i forgot the details about.

The more i think about it, the more i think that statement may have a few errors in its reporting.

Mutli boxing was never illegal in EVE online as far as i recall.

In fact EVE online almost promotes it to the point almost everyone haves more then one account. and is part of the reason i stopped playing EVE, it became a bit too much of a chore for me to want to Plex 4 accounts just so I could be even more successful at the game, It gets to the point it almost feels like an requirement to have 2 accounts in EVE once you get far enough into the situation.

Thinking on the dark side of theories…
The reason why WS is not banning anyone might be that they would lose to many paying Players…


For instance if I would automate my sap harvesting i could guarantee that I never hit or break through the soil layer at the bottom of the tree. In hundreds of iterations it would increase my output per tool by a noticeable percentage vs doing it by hand.

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Not seeing macro or botting as a widespread issue.
Never come across botting behaviour myself (100% against such things) and I think people, such as myself very occasionally, mostly keep autoclickers to processing large amounts of mats.

Certainly never had anyone else impact my gameplay because of using such things.

Have had someone asking me to join a cartel of sorts, to keep prices of a certain item artificially high…I personally have more of an issue with that.


Macro detection? i wouldn’t

Bot detection? Via user reports, active moderation, and a heuristic system to try to detect AI behavior via actions, not packet flow.

And if you really wanted to be hard about it, Anti Cheat engines and other things that can detect what is running on the players machine to see if it is a bot or trying to tamper with the game.

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“I have 2 PCs, one for boundless AFK grind, one for work and play other games.
thats how my character reach level 1300”

This is cheating… getting levels (cubits) with these macros/scripts… why even bother buying plots etc when you do this?

“I play on my ps4 while my pc is gathering”.

How the f this is not cheating.
@james .
And dont you gimme that gray area answer lol.
Choose your side pls.

And did you report them? If you didn’t, or are making an exception for a friend, then you’re as much part of the problem as they are.

Besides that, while I don’t over-much like afk botting and actual cheating in a multiplayer environment, you people do realise that this is a thread complaining about fairness in environment that it categorically not fair to being with? In the same way that someone with the know-how and resources to bot will largely invalidate my efforts, so will someone who has the time and resources available to play 10 hours a day. Either way I lose out because someone does something that I can not or will not do (and isn’t it curious that some of the most ‘game-time’ prolific players are the ones with the biggest problem with it?).

For me, the bottom line on that one is that unless Wonderstuck could ever dedicate the time and resources to completely preventing it (and they really can’t, they’ve got far too much still to do to produce the full, well rounded core game that was advertised), people are going to have to accept some level of unfairness. For now, this can only realistically be handled in a case-at-a-time basis.

If I were Wonderstruck, I’d be doing two things.
1: Keeping an eye on the kinds of things that people are choosing to automate and making assessments about whether the activity they are trying to circumvent has any real value, or is just a tedious grind.
2: Prioritise private servers (because yes, that’s part of the original advertised content). Give people a space to play the way that they want to and they will feel less need to macro and bot their way into enjoying the game in the same space as other people.

It won’t solve all the problems, but it’s at least a solution that should push the game forward as well as making cheating less appealing instead of trying to command the tide not to come in.

Are you sure that people still buying cubits to buy plots recently ? Mostly they pay for the gleam club.
Since they have nerfed botting behaviour by not gaining any experiences, and it hasnt effected anyone or market prices, why would you bother ?

And I have to say this again : Boundless is a 40$ pay to play - It should feel relax and not grindy at all, because you paid to play it less grindy !

Wow…can u cheat on this game…u kinda lost me on this…didn’t know u can cheat. Just hope your alright…

dont get me wrong, but arent there programable mouses that allow you to loop hotkey commands? as long as game using hotkeys you can loop any hotkey chain and attach it to any mouse button?
i dony have that mouse but bet you can make repetative action macro in boundless too