Keep your "macros" to your self

HEY!!! The world burning is an equal outcome for both parties :slight_smile:so it’s accepting both outcomes (how I see it ) :innocent:

Take a few pills of Joy

If you can’t find any of that then the alternative is to take Valium, Xanax and horse tranquilizers, in that order, then go into your graden and plant yourself into the ground, like a carrot.

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So is the “dead” ps4 controller “glitch” I’ve never done it I just know you can “kill” disconnect your ps4 controller and it’ll keep going no matter what. That’s a farming bot/glitch if just go to a tier 1-3 and mine

Can I get 4 of the first 2 and 6 of the tranqs? Asking for a friend!!!

This is not a glitch and was done on purpose, i am pretty sure, this is designed to save battery, when you press the button, the controler sends a signal on button press only, when you release the button, the controler sends the signal that the button has been released,

So if you disconnect the controller after button press but before button release, then the system never gets the signal that the button has been released and thinks it is still held down.

If the controller was designed such that, it would send a constant signal the whole time the button was held down, that would drain the battery faster, and it might block other signals depending how many channels there are.

If someone is able to successfully bot something by buttons just being held down. with solid always on input that isn’t even a script, you will just have to accept there is little that can be done about that, unless the devs take a much more proactive or even reactive role in Monitoring players. because there needs to be a way to determine if someone is AFK while doing that, or if someone is actually insane enough to sit there and hold the buttons down while doing nothing else. and there are very insane people out there.

It is wrong to automatically punish a player for bot like behavior if they are not actually boting.

It is not the best to automatically punish a bot for boting at any rate, bot bans should be done in waves. not case by case.

If you see someone doing that, report them as boting and hope for the best, as It is AFK automation, even if it is extremely crude, and should be punished.

So… if I’m playing boundless and happen to fall asleep and the last action the controller feels is a hammer swing and it just keeps going. I should be reported because I fell asleep. Or set my controller down with R2 pressed? I should be reported or banned? Maybe they fell asleep with mouse in hand. If on pc and it’s a hot key bind which to my knowledge isn’t illegal. Than I should be banned cuz I passed out with R2 or L2 pressed. And my too. Just keeps going.

I honestly don’t see the problem. Play how you want to play. It’s like saying people using headphones to hear footsteps on an FPS are cheating cuz the hear better. If it’s allowed and not blocked than anyone can do it.

Yes you should, if a player witnesses what he and/or she thinks is bot like behavior, that player should report it if he and/or she thinks that player is indeed boting.

That part is up for the GMs to review the case and decide rather or not what you did on by „mistake“ is ban worthy, I would guess most GMs would give you a warning as the behavior is not typical of most bots due to how ruddy simple and crude it is. if it kept happening, then yes you might be punished.

I came across this problem, I was looking for some gleam so went hunting, the portal I wanted was behaving oddly and wouldn’t complete the load for a while, finally got in the portal to find a certain player chain regen bombing a gleam node with a group of random low characters around them.

I figured this was a bot and decided to help myself to the gleam as they regen/aoe it do death, I was told to leave it alone as I was “taking their gleam”, ah so someone was actually there, I thought this was multiboxing only but the speed of the actions made me suspicious, seeing this thread this has made up my mind this was definitely a macro setup running and mass farming gleam.

They did hand me a couple of stacks for my trouble and we had a conversation, it didn’t sit well with me at all and I hope that the devs curb this type of playstyle as it’s going against the spirit of the game imo, and allows people who use these scripts and macros an unfair advantage over others, I don’t mind if it is for their own personal use for a build but to then flood the market with cheap gleam or any other resource as a result of doing this is just wrong for an MMO with an economy meta game.

There is no way a normal player can chain bomb and aoe a node this fast naturally and the fact it was having an effect on the portal loading must mean this activity is detectable and should be curbed imo or everyone should be doing this to even the playing field.

Im not into reporting players for botting or macro abuse, Im not the game police, that’s the devs job.

Edit: After being contacted about this incident and subsequent information being provided, my assumption that the activity I witnessed was botting or scripting was wrong.

How else would I have levelled my magikarp up? :laughing:

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“I want you to go away happy, but I need you to go away…”

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Actually they can, and I have 1st hand witnessed this and done it, 100% no macros or bots, but it does require at least 2 players to do it.

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This was no group as in individual PC’s, this was the same dude running multiple chars to hold his stash, that and the speed at which this was happening, enough to almost prevent the portal loading is suspect.

In a multiplayer environment built around non-pvp, economic based gameplay, cheating is different. If someone can cheat to get the mats to make bricks, and craft them without even being awake, then they have an unfair advantage over anyone that is doing the same without cheating.

Cheating in a single player game is fine. No one else is going to be put out by it.

Yes exactly, I wasn’t going anywhere until I got what I wanted so I sat and observed what was going on until I got handed some stacks.

Even if it was the same player, Multi-Boxing is legal, I have seen players simply bring more then one account on to public hunts so they can get loot amplification.

Yep no problem with multiboxing at all, but the clear use of macro/scripts isn’t I hope or I am going to be doing the same, I mean you would be crazy not to if it’s not being policed.

But is it clear?

No boting required just sticks and tape

And again, Macros are accepted, as it is not boting, but this proves it can be done with nothing fancy in terms of coding

Gamers are so industrious! That’s a brilliant example :smiley:

Hey If someone is doing that then I am happy for them, the point is, the thread is about people being offered macros and scripts to do this so they do exist and are being used in game, It is my view that is what I witnessed happening. Id be happy to hear they have this set up though, this shows determination I don’t possess!

Some of these do sound more like QoL issues being fixed with macros and I don’t have a problem with that. Mass crafting and change chiseling go to the QoL category in my books, but automating resource collection goes too far. I have tested if they have any protection against it and it doesn’t seem like it.

They added “bot protection” and did remove XP from repeated actions so it seems like the devs don’t like it either. But it’s really hard to fix, how do you differentiate between a legit user and a bot.

Block changing sits in the grey area, imo there should be a machine that does it for you. This is probably where opinions differ, some want the creative experience where you have easier access to different colours and block types, some want more rare things.