Keep your "macros" to your self

Ooo don’t look or read wikis either cuz you didn’t do it you read about it so therefore cheating/cutting corners

If you wanted to use a game genie to open content you didn’t have the skills to access on a local console game that’s a personal choice, and you paid for the privilege.

Of course nobody really wants to hear you bragging about your achievements in a game when they can see you have a game genie (or equivalent) plugged into your console.

It’s not in any way a 1 to 1 comparison with botting in an MMO and dragging it up is nothing but another attempt to distract from the actual point.

Ok so is using the exo bot and being the first one on the planet. That’s cheating and negativity impacting the people that aren’t on the discord. If using a bot to mine is cheating so is a bot to get a exo ping before other people

Other then they can’t. not against macros, they can do plenty against boting thou.

That would definitely be a start, even if they cant completely cut it out, anything to make it harder to do will reduce how often it occurs

I can agree that there is some value to this aspect. But it also assumes that information regarding the mods is made available and people are comfortable self expressing their use of them, to provide statistics regarding many otherwise undetectable uses.

Also with you trundamere I have to assume you mean explicitly the definition of macro that you have clarified above. Most of which I wouldn’t object to directly and agree could be seen as valid indicators of problems with game design.

I don’t think that things are as clear cut regarding what people call 'macros" that in reality you would class as “bots” for harvesting resources, block changing stacks of blocks, etc… right?

There’s no doubt a lot of people agree with you here. It’s frequently expressed.

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Yes, many people do consider that cheating and would like to see such bots ended. Myself, I dont visit exo worlds so I am not directly affected.


Using a hot key bot is a personal choice. So how is that any different. That’s their choice. I don’t see the difference.

I cant really argue with this, because its pretty much true.

The only excuse I can offer is that since a large majority of people use discord it isnt as much an issue, but thats not really a strong counter argument ahah


You’re conflating two very different things.

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I’m arguing for both sides havok!!! Lmao

Does not compute.
My head hurts I go sleep now.


I think if 1 shouldn’t be used than nothing should be used. I miss the day ONE ps4 days when I don’t know anything and had to figure it out. Now everything seems to be botted and handed to people


To me a Macro is a Script of commands that when a button is pressed the commands are executed and self terminates, Anything that automatically loops and allows for AFK Automation of the game, Is boting in my book.


If someone wants to create a Macro along the lines of the following


Pardon the crude example i threw it together just for this debate, so I did not have time to program it to scale and test it, even thou i think it will work as is

To make the process of block changing a little easier, that is fine by me, because they have to press the button each and every time they want to alter a single block,

However the moment anything is done that causes such thing to Loop automatically with out user input becomes boting in my book and is Not fine.

People who Bot and automate the game so they can go AFK while it happens, they need to be banned.


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Probably a lot of them at this point but when they first came about they really weren’t. A lot of them improved graphics or added original music and some even added more story

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I appreciate your clarity in a muddled conversation.

“Everybody else is doing it” is the one of the hardest justifications to argue against. At that point it’s basically a normalized behavior and accepted as baseline. And thus we start down the slippery slope.

Some people just want to see the world burn !!!

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