Keep your "macros" to your self

(I’ll assume you didn’t create the script)…this is essentially giving the user 105 skill points instead of 100. smh


Wow, what’s the point of playing a game if you’re going to cheat.



I guess sometimes the simple answer is because they can. :woman_shrugging:


I mean, yes exactly, which is why I said they should put a stop to it.

That’s pretty much bang on the money, don’t judge me!

I’m not judging you. I personally appreciate the honesty (not my game so I don’t count tho lol). I feel like any mods/scripts that help a user gain XP, coin, skill, levels, etc…that doesn’t have explicit dev approval shouldn’t be allowed. That’s just my opinion though. Other non-mod friendly MMOs have severe penalties for similar behaviors.


Thank you. I’m aware that the whole concept is controversial, which is why I haven’t previously shared it. I’m only sharing about it now in the hopes the devs take notice, which is what everyone here ultimately wants.

Just to clarify, the only “macros” i’ve ever used are autoclickers for the above 2 purposes - I don’t even know how to utilise more advanced macros


Are you volunteering to create one?

and find people who are willing to put in the work to find other peoples mods and host them yourself with or with out their consent if they are not willing to upload the mod to the website themselves ?

As long as modding is unregulated, there will always be mods that are outside of the public eye or hard to find. not to mention it is very hard to regulate and prevent someone from using external macros, and the devs are not willing to protect boundless from being tampered with by external EXEs

Yes, Lets make the game even more annoying, I will hands down quit the game and find some way to hurt the games bottom line in protest if they actually do this in such a way it will start popping up in the middle of being on a public hunt or in the middle of pretty much anything else.

And I Repeat,

They will not be able to, Unless they are willing to do things they already stated they are not willing to do, and go as far as to install on to peoples machines, what someone else who I had a similar talk with, considers to be „Spyware“.

Talking about my example specifically (using auto clicker to avoid using the epic for 5 free skillpoints), what if the game detected when someone was clicking too fast? Like, 6 times per second for longer then 3 seconds, to which the game would kick you to sanctum when it detects it.

If they added a craft all button, there would be no legitimate reason for someone to click this fast - if the user keeps getting kicked when they try to autoclick, that in itself could be a deterrent.

Sure, the system can try to detect un-human click rates, but then people will just adapt by changing the values of the macro to something within reason for a human to be able to do.

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Heck nah. I ain’t got time for that.

Sad, but true. Even with software/games that have encryption/monitoring/severe penalties, they can’t stop everything.

But do you have

Sorry I had to.


Well for my example, if the auto clicker is forced to go that low, then it wouldn’t be worthwhile to use, because you would be taking a massive damage loss.

I agree though, it would definitely be difficult to try and stop all botting without in game moderation, which in itself has a whole nother’ range of issues.

Don’t underestimate how fast some people can click. Therefore any auto clicking within the range of what is reasonable, even by the standards of a professional gamer, should not be marked by the system as macro (ab)use


Of course I imagine they could set it to what they think is appropriate for the game which would probably not be in that realm

If I understand you correctly, they could do that, and get a decent amount false positives and if they are acted on automatically that would be annoying , some people like to spam click even if it doses little to nothing.

People have lives (jobs,families,school, and anything else) if a short cut is wrong than why is up up down down left right left right A B select start such a known code. It’s a cheat. Or game genie. Or Mario turtle step cheat. Or mods? It’s a game. Even Skyrim on ps4 allows mods now which technically are “cheats”

And if that’s an issue. Than than hopefully they have never used a game genie or an old cheat code or money glitch or xp glitch on any other game or that kind of thing isn’t ok on boundless

But until they do?

Is this a case of

  • everybody else is
  • nobody asked me to stop
  • they can’t stop it so I will anyways
  • duck you I’m cheating

or ???

Sounds like It’s just too easy not to TBH. Especially if your hardware has built in auto click. I think this is a solid argument for not requiring 5 points but rather making it either a toggle or a default behavior.

And I’m super eager for this auto-crafting setup james has described almost completely eliminating the need for “click 30 times real fast”.

i feel like these are legitimate quality of life issues. The sort where feedback is suppressed by the distribution of software macros causing the game to continue to be developed in less desirable directions. In that light, thanks for speaking out clearly.


I disagree, the fact the macros exist should be taken as feedback if the devs are paying attention.


I think the key difference here is that those cheats dont impact anyone else’s enjoyment of the game.

It can be argued that auto harvesting or similar functions means you can negatively impact the economy, which can impact other’s enjoyment of the game, when they worked hard for the same result.

Basically cheating in a singleplayer game = 100% fine if you enjoy it
Cheating in any multiplayer game = big no no

This is the main point right here. - would help eliminate the need for macros in this specific instance!

I posted my experiences because, even though I can stop if asked, others who are using similar macros might not. Some macros are obvious, but others are difficult to detect, and unless the person using them is kind enough to admit to the fact, some are downright impossible to detect.

This is why Im saying the devs need to do somthing, because they cant rely on everyone being nice enough not too on their own.