Keep your "macros" to your self

Yes. That stuff has been going on since day 1. Those people are still around(can’t name and shame of course). I voiced concern at one point about storage being ‘viewable’ by others who didn’t have access but was told in game that it wasn’t possible. Just based off the way Boundless is created and other games similarities I have a hard time believing that but I’m not educated on the ins and outs of the turbulenz engine itself.

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Never knew of these type of scripts. Do you feel they fall into the same category as farming scripts?

Well, when you load a chunk in any game it’s generally possible with the right code to “see” where things are… not sure how plausible that is with Boundless, but it’s probably doable.

I find the others, not on that list more benign - if you are just collecting things at the same speed, with the same drop rate, I guess who cares lol

I’ve understood this thread is about macros and auto-clickers, those things you listed aren’t possible with a script or a macro.

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They are.

I read this thread as being about things that aren’t fair: scripts, code, macros, etc…that not everyone has knowledge of.

More advanced programming needed to achieve stuff like that, a keyboard macro/script isn’t enough.

edit: Might need to split the thread if we expand the scope to fairly extensive mods like that. It’s already getting a bit all over the place :smiley:

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The way I feel scripting for auto farming. You are using your own tools and resources to gather them still. Even though I am not knowledgeable on how to do these type of scripts and probably wouldn’t be at any point. These people are using there own tools during this time. I’m not upset about it myself. If it is for gathering. Just putting my view out there.

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  • half the player base plays on PS4
  • PS4 players can’t use scripts/macros/mods

Conclusion: ALL PC players are cheaters!


Please do note the smiley, this is in no way a serious post!


AENEA!!! :smiley:

Future thought. Redstone (type mechanic)!!! Could be a form of in-game scripting if we get machines to do it all for us! I would love an automated bulldozer to clear clay for me!

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It’s how the shop scanner worked after all :wink:

It’s also how people could tell us at what altitudes certain items occurred…

1 Minute no active character movement, outside of the sanctum, Auto log out.
I dimly remember a game i played with that and it worked. Maybe an idea, Maybe not.

I think 1 minute is way too short.
5-10minutes would be fine.

It can be circumvented. Most games I play will log you out after 5-15 minutes of AFK.

If I find gems or coal or whatever, I generally go by the general altitude I’m in and then say that.

No mods, scripts, botting etc

So I don’t get it, is my oortstone spawner macro good, or :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

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If it was prices wouldn’t be heading to 300 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



Hush :slight_smile:

Hunters gotta live too yo


Oh then its my Oortstone Disintegrator Ray that is the problem. .

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So when I go to use the restroom because my gamer bladder cant take anymore I may be logged out when on a exo that is full and not be able to enter the world when back? Or if I need to step away from my computer for a bit to handle something such as a phone call. Not arguing just pointing out situations. I have a friend that has a little boy and he plays at night and has to step away for 10-20mins at time, that doesn’t mean he should just be ejected from the game.

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