Keep your "macros" to your self

You are automatically logged out in literally every other MMO, so yes.


If you’re macro botting you won’t be idle though

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Guess since this is the first MMO I have ever played, that is why never came across this. What does it hurt if someone is standing idle for 10-20 mins?

I think most mmos do it for population overload issues. So active players can get on servers. But there might be other reasons.

I know when I played wow, it would happen to me


In this game it does use a slot if a player is on a planet and if they are in front of a portal it does consume resources that could be used supporting other players. There may be other reasons or resources being used.

this would also be effected if we have setting to have more then 1 portal open at a time correct? I believe it is a setting in the game where it renders more then 1 portal in your area…may be wrong at work currently. Think it goes up to 4-5 portals?

You could be right. . I honestly do not remember the setting options. What I am sure of is the more portals that are open the more server resources used. The servers are rendering chunks on multiple planets from what I remember.

Ill have to look when i get home, I am curious if i am remembering it correctly. Though to respond on previous comments, I do not feel ejecting people from the game for being idle is a good fix to much anything. Boundless currently doesn’t even have the player base to justify this type of change.

I’m probably echoing some others here, I’m just not going to read the 250 comments right now lol.

Macro’s exist to remove something that a person finds tedious. Not everyone will use them, or use the same ones. Personally I just play the game how I want to and don’t really pay much notice to how other people are playing it or what they are sharing between each other. I don’t currently use macros because I’m not doing anything I feel needs one.

Some of the guild buffs literally add the functionality that some earlier macros offered, so not really bypassing game play instead I think “augmenting” is more appropriate. The developer’s have a “modding” section on the forum, and the simplest mod is a macro. I know they watch them, and try to make sure they don’t create too great an imbalance (they are only human though so I’m sure they can’t catch everything).

Modding and macros are important to the longevity of a game. Look at skyrim or minecraft. The mod communities made those game’s last forever, which allowed the publishers to re-release them on platforms that came long after the initial release. In order for them to exist, they need to be shared. So I respectfully disagree with your sentiment, in the title of the forum.


There was quite a lot for me to catch up on this morning. The thread has wandered, and at least one person just trying to make a lot of noise to cloud up the discussion.

Using the term “macro” seems to have caused some confusion for people but, the reason that it’s in the title, and quoted, is because that’s the name/term that people are using to describe what are basically, botting scripts. People are often careless with their language so, now we’ve got discussion regarding everything from hardware autoclicking, through keybound macros, to full blown bot scripts.

I’m super curious about this:

I just did a quick run by of the helixes and I can’t tell what you’re talking about. Which of these functions could be addressed by a script/macro?

Nothing wrong with this. Parsing the whole post, it sounds like the word brings to mind different things for us, also. I’m way past rehashing the various definitions at this point.


I play a game called RPGMO and they use captcha codes, but answering the captcha correctly gives you a little xp for a skill of your choice.


add a report botter option solved lol
people using normal macro’s wont brag about it like the cheaters do
and if you hear about a suspect cheater you hit report botter and move on and :pray:
while you guys are discussing things i just found this at thrift store for 5euro
it has speed changing options and a dedicated sniper button quite a crazy thing
how the general thought on sniper buttons and changeable mouse speeds on the fly before finding this i did not even know this was all a thing lol ow and whats the removable weights for


Wow so people feel strongly about this huh

Some do. Some don’t care. Some just play the game.

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I have obligations which can get me afk for 10-20 minutes aswell, sometimes timed, sometimes random. I log into the sanctum if i am not in base. One has to work with what life trows at you and set priorities in my opinion anyways.
1 Minute or 3 minutes, Auto log out is a must when botters start rising.

But how to detect them tho?

Standing still? Swinging tool? throwing regen bomb once in a while? plenty fo people who already do that without bots, should they be logged out and be punished? should all the tree farms be closed??? since that would then be the result

And if being in one place is the thing to detect how much movement will be considered enough to not be seen as a bot? and could a bot not be made that it comes across like that?

This is really rather hard to find a solution for I think.

Also what someone above said about ‘report a bot’ button sounds like a bad plan, trolls will try to use it against you…

Normally, reporting a bot leads to an Investigator who checks logs of activitie. If Nothing is to be found of the unuseal then Nothing will happen.
I have activilie hunted bots in other games, with or w/o the Dev/QA Team in my back. It was sometimes frustrating but very rewarding .
While i agree the regen Bombers might have to do a step every other Minute, it might lessen the “Kill regen bombing” pitchforking.
But what do i know in the end, it all boils down what the Devs say and so far i havent seen any chime in.

I still don’t see how auto logout will get rid of botting :sweat_smile:


The specific one that came to mind was I had heard about some auto clicking type macro to making building faster. that is now a guild buff to lay blocks faster. To build on that, people had done a special thing to remove the animation from forging as well (besides the exit and re-enter), that was later made an UI option within the centraforge.

Obviously if the post was aimed at bot scripts, I would be far more concerned about those. Anything that makes a task in game completely AFK would tend to be an issue and I would expect the Mods/Devs to address those in a way they feel was appropriate.

I mean, we queue up crafting machines and can leave and let them finish, that is a game system, I shouldn’t have a program swinging an aoe axe x number of times then throwing a regen bomb while I am taking a shower, or something like that.

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interesting I hadn’t looked at all the posts about autologout.

So I play a LOT of mmos. Most disconnect you after standing still for 10min. Others put you to a character selection screen (the sanctum equivalent of boundless), and if you remain inactive for 10-30min then you are disconnected.

In my experience, autologout has absolutely no effect on bots, as you don’t bot if you are truly not doing anything with it. All those MMOs have people who bot, and people who get banned for it. Although not all get caught, and most are attempting to sell currency for real world money. Doing it for personal gain inside a game is harder to track, but can be done, if someone is botting instead of playing perhaps two things should be looked at.

First is the thing they are botting for truly so tedious that it should have a “quicker” option? If yes, explore that option, if No don’t change the gameplay. Second, is the activity fun? or just profitable if done quickly. If it is fun, then don’t diminish that, if just profitable put in a system of greater return for greater investment (what we already have that with forging). Either way, botting is almost always against ToS and as such if you do it you run the risk of being banned.