Keep your "macros" to your self

Holy mackeral… . No wonder some people are always flush with the mega rare items / resources :frowning:


Basically it is about addressing why we have resource imbalances and this “rare/common” game play but then allow people to completely get around it with regen and other things. It seems to make more sense to either stick to the original game specification of rare/common or remove it. Personally I promote removing it and allowing people to get stuff much easier while another model maybe helps create progress or some other type of rarity. The restrictive game play really doesn’t help people especially in a game where building and colors are of high value. Either way it is too deep a topic to cover here and I’ve talked about it on a few other threads.

No game that has something to offer to the Player that gives them a virtual Advantage or RL Advantage will ever get rid of bots i think. But at least the lesser ones or the badly programmed will be kicked.

That’s exactly how I feel and I’m glad that perspective is spoken for because I haven’t wanted to get into it. They thought regen and the like would make it easier for everyone but in the end it just made those mats common to those who were already gathering them. At the same time I do think that has made everything more widely available to those of us who choose to spend money on rare drops rather than go regen farming.

At this point if it came to a choice, they’d almost have to remove the rarity system so as not to backtrack and cut off the mat supply we’ve grown used to.

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This thread contains a very fascinating discussion. It is a very enjoyable read. I am loving the different points brought up and suggestions. As well as counter points and explanations. :thinking:


For the economy to run smoothly, ideally there would need to be too many things for one individual to do/gather/craft. I believe each activity should be identified and categorized and industries (ways to make money) should be developed around each to keep a balance, forcing players to specialize if they want to capitalize on a market. That’s a thought for another thread, if I felt it were worth my time to post. As it relates to this- macros allow an individual to become two people. While it isn’t fair, I say F it. If they’re putting in the time and effort to manage ‘employees’, they’re still contributing to the game.

I’m used to the cheaper mats now. I don’t gather. I wish I could specialize as a builder and make more money but it’s also my choice to not farm, use the minter, open portals and portal hubs for footfall. I have no right to complain about how little money I have. But other people building huge ‘corporations’ that are “flooding the market” with cheap mats that I reeeeeally do not EVER feel like gathering is… awesome.

I wish I was wealthy in-game but as long as I have my job irl and keep my gaming time within reason, I want to spend it building, with the mats I want, and I am willing to put in the amount of work I currently am. Please do not make it harder.

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Well I am happy there are others that can see the larger issues and how they all are related and cause some mindsets in this game that aren’t really helpful.

Technically the regen bombs only came about as a request to make it easier to regen areas in cities that would not because of constant footfall. We should have made it only kick off the timer and ignore traffic instead of be instant.


Another way of looking at macroing or botting is that it can help people who only get to play limited hours because they have to work all day get more “play time”. Maybe their bot can play for them while they are at work. To help them keep up with people that can play all day every day.

Just another way of looking at it.

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And people are upset about Co-Ops? :joy::joy::joy::joy:


That one takes a wee bit of gymnastics to follow, honestly. If they don’t have time, they don’t have time. It’s not like this is a heavily competitive game or anything. And even if it was “it’s not fair because they have more time than I do” isn’t really an excuse for behaviour that, while largely remains undefined here, is squarely in the realm of cheating in most other games.


What doses this even serve? It seems to be a solution for a non existent problem that is not even mentioned in this topic.

Sorry mate, EVE Online doesn’t log you out, so unfortunately your claim of „Literally every other“ is not quite right.

Yes, EVE is one of only 2 that I can think of that don’t.

Exactly. Leave the regen bombs alone. Just because people are using macros don’t punish those of us who farm normally with them. I don’t use them tons but they are nice when I do and I don’t have to fight others for resources. The are extremely useful gathering stuff to make bricks and such. If that happened it would run me off from the game again. I am finally back and enjoying it a bit (other than cussing the forge and getting annoyed by how small my inventory feels when out gathering plant materials.)


Im sure people still buy cubits. I bought some only at the weekend… So yeah if people are ‘afk farming’ or botting or whatever then its not really fair that I spent cash on cubits.
Oh and I pay for GC too


come on? anyone forcing you to buy cubits? standing above you with gun point at your head? you buying cubits from your own will

That’s not my point, I happily buy them. I never said anyone was forcing me to, im answering a question someone asked about whether people even buy cubits for plots any more. They do.

But when people are ‘cheating’ essentially to get the same effect then it seems a little unfair. Not just to people who pay to support the game but the game in itself.


im paying for GC and when i started i decided not to spent money on cubits, now i have 3 build in progress and kinda regret my decision :smiley: but with every new exo exploring im getting more and more levels and cubits :smiley: and i feel happy buying new plots coffer :smiley: but really… i wish i have 10000 plots for my disposal :smiley:

Fairly shocked this went a whole business day with no dev attention…not a peep from them.

That’s probably because doing anything in EVE looks like you’re idling anyway! They couldn’t detect inactive from actively mining! :grin:

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