Keyboard Symbols

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Ello … I’m noticing that I can’t use a LOT of symbols in game (I’m making my first signs) … is there a list of symbols (alt-codes, etc) that we actually can use in the game?

Is this what you are looking for?

I think they mean unicode symbols or whichever type they are, like ☼╗▓ ?

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emojis? with the new group of Boundless items like :wildstock: ?
old ones like :rainbow: :arrow_up: :clock: ?

this one may help

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You’ve got it! :slight_smile:

Trying to use anything else in signs seems a bit impossible … unless that google doc works in signs?

If you have Gleamclub, you can use the emoji in a sign by typing a colon : the unicode : then another colon. Not all symbols will work. Luca made a post with the ones that work in Boundless and there were some added recently (will add to the bottom of this post)

So for example, to get the globe above, you would type :1F310: in the sign

For these, you can type the object name :colourspray: is : colourspray :


I never use codes - all of them should work when words typed, I think. At least all that I ever tried worked just fine.
Of course some of them have rather long description and code is faster then, but I always go for “arrow_up” and such.


Brilliant stuff, cheers, both. :slight_smile:

I am still after knowing which ASCII (?) or normal text symbols I could use, tbh … because I won’t have gleam club forever (I’m not re-upping after the deluxe runs out, doesn’t really seem worth it) … I’d prefer anything to have stuff that everyone can see, not just Gleam Club members. :slight_smile:

The only things that work outside of Gleamclub are basic punctuation symbols.

( ) . , : = + - etc

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Ah, OK, thanks, vex. Much obliged as usual!

I’ll stick with WEST/EAST/etc, for directional signs then. :smile:

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Everyone can SEE gleamclub symbols, and you can even have gleamclub symbols in your base, if you give someone with gleamclub permission to edit the sign.


But I can’t see smileys when I wasn’t in Gleam Club in chat. Are the signs different then?

If so, marvellous!

Also, does that mean that only Gleam Club members can make signs with smileys on them?