Kindeling Shred Bug

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So, I have 5 kindeling shred that do not want to combine with any of my other kindeling shred…

Then I try to combine the two shown…

Ive tried combining it with several other shred I have, and these 5 dont care to play nice…

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I have that with rice and oat (or wheat), 2 different types of crop and 2 particular bunches between 20 and 50 that won’t stack with any other stack of the same type. Looks like can happen to different kind of crops.

here, I found it:

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I believe it’s the same as this:

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I feel it is slightly different. In his scenario it appears to me he has a misunderstanding on how sticks combine with eachother. He has 2 stacks to make 102, and after trying to combine them, he successfully does. Except they don’t combine into a SS like he expected.

My scenario, when I combine any amount with the 5, they make a smart stack as if they are separate items. I tried to re-organize them and combine them in several different ways, but the 5 always stand out.

I only thought I should point it out as my duty as a Boundless player. I plan to make sure I use these 5 in some recipe and get rid of them.

After further review, Somebody further down the post mentioned Kindeling Shred and stacking issues. You are right that this may be the same.

I’m not 100% sure but i think this is to do with wild crops vs farmed crops?

I had some that wouldn’t stack but i used them up.

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