Ki'Rin Co. Slowly stocking every few days: Under new management by Phyre-Fly

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Ki’Rin Corporation - Buy/Sell Flower, Foliage, Plants, Fungus, Grass, and Prestige Seeds!

The largest collection of Foliage, Flowers, Plants, Fungus, and Seeds in the entire universe!

  • Over 400,000 foliage!
  • Thousands of Fungus / Mushrooms!
  • Thousands of Plants (Trumpet root, Rosetta Nox, etc.)

Plaza Access: Head South inside the building to the 2nd Floor

  • Ultima Network Pheminorum Gate
  • Fortune Hub Pheminorum

Easy Access to Shop - Portals that open inside shop

  • DK Mall
  • Rainbow Mall
  • Compass Hub (Pheminorum)
  • Portal Seekers (Pheminorum)
  • TNT MegaHub

Personal Portals are available in the Lobby. If you don’t see one your size - send me a PM and I can help you get set up.

If we don’t have the color you need, or we’re out of stock on a particular item - leave me a note and I’ll go find it!

Also! - If you’re looking for boulders please check out “Rock Hard Boulders” in Dragon’s Retreat on Lutrion. @Phyre-Fly has an amazing selection. Location tokens available in the shop!

Happy Hunting! :slight_smile:


Welcome back my friend!! I’ll be sure to stop on by sometime in the near future and see what colours you have that I am missing in amongst my various plant collections.


Was there yesterday and picked some oortian staffs and trumpets xD. Indeed an enormous place with a nice collection. Found it a bit confusing to reach 2F but maybe because it’s too big. Best of luck and keep it up!

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Glad to be back! Been putting off making an announcement since it’s not fully finished. But since the shop it up and running - and have had some customers already - thought it was time.

Haven’t built anything too crazy yet - but there’s always more to do!

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So you were the one! Lol… noticed my oort staffs were selling out.
I’m still working on finding the best place for portals etc. So there may be some changes to where the entrance points are. But i figured since people are already coming by the shop might as well announce it!

Thanks for coming by!


I was just there the other day buying nox. Really liked the place

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I’ll definitely be stopping by later to see what I need. :+1::+1:

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Yea! If i don’t have a color you need just let me know.

I’m still currently working from my pre-sovereign inventory so i can focus on the building construction. But looking forward to getting out there and harvesting some new colors!

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(Q.Q) meee so happy your back here a welcome back :cookie:

:expressionless: I’m broke again just thinking about it…

So I may need to be a special orders guy, I have alot of natural builds coming up. Any chance we can set something up? Honestly sounds like I’ll just have to set a portal there.


More than happy to set something up! Can prioritize any colors you’re looking for just send me a direct message or HMU in game.

I’m working on setting aside some space in the lobby for personal portals too. Just let me know what size you need. :slight_smile:

Wish I knew, wont be back for a few days, someone thought it would be funny to take me 2k miles away from my game and put me on a beach in 72 degree sunshine… already built a sandcastle but I didnt have chisels so it looked weird and I let natural regeneration take it back.

Think I’m back Wednesday so I’ll come check it all out. I’m the main builder for HSE so we will be good customers I’m sure. Also I gotta check that build out, looks like it will be something cool, the inside is already high class.



Stocked with some new colors from the Color Cycling Exo!

Lots of new flower and foliage colors and a small variety of spineback cactus, oortian staff, and Rosetta nox!


Was there Yesterday to grab some for my collection :slight_smile:
Will come again after the color cycling one has ended, to hopefully grab some more I don’t have yet.

An awesome idea , awesome store design and interior.
Will visit more often :slight_smile: ( was in a hurry and still need to check out the exterior :wink: )

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Hopefully another happy customer!

I might redesign the lobby- or the tree on the second floor. It feels a bit clunky to navigate…

Let me know if there are any particular colors you’re looking for and I’ll be happy to hunt them down!


New Colors added:


  • Trumpet Root - Bright Sepia
  • Twisted Aloba - Vivid Mustard
  • Rosetta Nox - Bright Mustard
  • Stardrop Plant - Luminous Blue


  • Glowcap - Bright Taupe (over 100 pieces)
  • Branch Funnel - Stale Sepia
  • Mottle Tar-Spot - Light Sepia
  • Tinted Burst - Bright Mustard
  • Clustered Tongue Fungus - Stale Tan


  • Spineflower - Vivid Yellow
  • Gladflower - Stark Yellow


New Colors added:


  • Trumpet Root - Deep Lavender
  • Traveler’s Perch - Deep Blue
  • Oortian Staff (only a few) - Silk Magenta
  • Desert Sword - Silk Magenta


  • Tinted Burst - Teal
  • Mottled Tar-Spot - Shadow Cerulean
  • Clustered Tongue - Strong Fuschia
  • Glowcap - Bright Magenta
  • Waxcap.- Deep Slate


  • Ghostflower - Lavender
  • Gladeflower - Warm Magenta
  • Cloneflower - Warm Magenta
  • Spineflower - Deep Lilac

Would you happen to have any White Nox?

Ooooo unfortunately not… I don’t have much white aside from Glowcaps.

But there may be some white-ish nox… I can check later.

Looking for one for a friend if you or anyone have one I’d be willing to buy it.