Kol Huroo, Silby Desert, memory of (being abandoned)

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Disclaimer: Please do not get into arguments about who started using regen bombs or plotting anything – there was very little of value left by the time I abandoned the build, despite the 1mill+ prestige even after stripping almost anything of value (except one or two places I may have missed some bricks or metal/coal blocks).

So, as some may know, I am abandoning my primary beacon on Kol Huroo. The area comprises 4,533 plots.

The most relevant locations are at these coordinates:

  • -2235N -945E Alt 113
  • 2101N -885E Alt 122
  • 2063N -1003E Alt 141
  • 2054N -1051 Alt 155
  • 2117N -669 Alt 116

These locations are all organically linked to some degree.



I have stripped down most of the build down to bare rock, refined rock and stones. Most things of value have been stripped and stored away in my removals beacon – a very clever suggestion by a friend, a suggestion which was immensely helpful.

It has taken me about 2 weeks of removing stuff, doing it on-and-off over that time period, and I don’t know when or what I will be doing next on Boundless, as this in itself has been quite a massive chore that I didn’t really enjoy.

Edit: At some point later, I might add some more pictures of the process that this build went through, but I think that’s it for now. This has been tiring.


Yeah it would be kind of nice if you were able to setup a storage plot(s) and designate it as the place that your entire build deconstructs to if you want to remove it and the plots. Maybe have it have some calculation saying you need x amount of storage space in your storage plot, then when you delete the beacon with option to remove build, it puts it all in those storage containers.

That way you have to have the storage space required to put all the stuff first. Not some free random remove only box for removing the build and plots.

edit: Or, maybe it does go into a hidden, removal only storage space, but it has a 2-5 day time limit that you have to take everything out of or you lose it. Would help with abuse of a system like that.


what? why would you?
I have wanted to do the same with my other plots because they are all WASTED on useless builds. Maybe not useless because i need them.

Oh wow, I really liked how that place looked whenever I went past it.

Was there a specific reason why you decided to remove it, or did you just not want it anymore?

So what happens now? Do you plan to use the plots on a new build? Are you straightup quitting? What made you decide to delete your plots?

I have done that 4 times in the past, lol. Not fun I agree.

I remember finding this place wayy back and being blown away… Are you relocating?

I will be building/working on something completely different in the future. I haven’t quit the game, no, but as I might have mentioned elsewhere I hadn’t been playing a lot anyway because of how I’ve been health & mood-wise.

Honestly, I didn’t at all want to delete this place, but I feel there is no easy way to handle plots when they number in the hundreds to thousands, and I really wanted to start something new, which I couldn’t do with all those thousands of plots tied up to that one build. I haven’t been playing enough that I could just grind more either, for what I wanted.

Really appreciate all the comments about the build; the original purpose of that project had only ever been to safeguard the deserts’ plants for anyone that wanted to gather them; the Swords, the Spinebacks and the Staves.

At no point did I really mean for it to be the capital, and I fully expected anyone else to come to Kol and take the capital status. I hope that my connections to Ultima and TNT were beneficial for them in terms of footfall, as I enjoyed making the roads to those places, though I always hoped they would be useful, I don’t know if they actually were or not.

When farming became officially imminent, the project was to become my main farming area. In retrospect the modular grid system was not a good idea for me – everything around the pyramid area started to feel too “same-y” which was never the intent, and it lacked natural or organic landmarks for direction, since that area was suspended far enough from all the local mountains.

I loved Kol Huroo for its orange tones, its deserts and the generally barren landscape. But the high blinksec distances to other planets and the very small presence of players on T6s overall started to wear on me a little. For quite some time I had been wanting to make a big exchange-like shop and that was never going to be a reality on a T6 with the current population, I feel.

Maybe that will be my next project. But either way, I am returning to my mountain fortress concepts that I had on Therka and on Gellis.

For anyone who’s curious about living on a T6 and never tried, at no point did I feel that the T6 block health was a problem, for the way I play; I ended up only having gem tools and forging them with +dmg and +magnet to make building all that much easier, especially high up in the air.


All the more impressive that it turned out so magnificently!

Look forwards to seeing what you do next!

I look forward to seeing your Dwarf Fortress when you’ve gotten going, then.


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That was an amazing build it truly fired the imagination . There is still plenty of room on Maryx :slight_smile:

We so need that for sure, tearing down builds is a painstaking process, a deconstruct way to store our stuff so we don’t lose it is a fabulous, amazing idea.


It was the place we first met.
I will remember it.
I am sad now.

But i will be happy to visit your new place.
And you know, drop me a message and i give you a Hand, a hammer or whatever you Need.

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