KREE MALL- (Give me your feedback)

Hi Guys,

So i’ve been working on something new over on Gloviathosa as i’m keen to get some feedback before i really get stuck into it.

Now before the trolls come haha- i know how all the malls in game currently work- this is an idea i have had for a long time and want to see if anyone wants to support the mall by locking in a store.


  1. The Mall will be 100% beacon owned by myself.
  2. I will prebuild the entire mall- style and- include stands, baskets ect.
  3. Store owner will be given beacon perms- to access, fill and empty baskets/stands. no building perms.
  4. The Mall will be strictly a non compete mall

Stores will be allocated to a range of items selected from a list provided eg-

  • Pies and Brews
  • Raw Tolls
  • Forged Tools
  • Raw Brick Building Store- Ect
  • Marble Shop
  • Foliage and Plant Store

:heart:Just to name a few- list will be made available in the near future based on feedback.

The Details

  • The reason i will own the beacons is to ensure that the mall will stay in theme- and completed at all times to avoid store owners reclaiming and leaving a massive ash pile if they decide to leave.
  • All Footfall will be dropped into a coin basket for each store 1x per month.
  • If you fail to maintain the store- i will remove all items into a storage container with your name on it in the event you are uncontactable. (i’m not expecting this to happen- but wanna make sure i’m clear) i wanna make sure others have a chance to be apart of the mall if a vacant spot is available. :slight_smile:

Mall Plan

  • 24x 2x2x2 stores
  • 16x 1 plot stores in the garden areas
  • 4x 1x2 plot stores on the patio observation gardens

Portal Zones will be available if you wish to direct portal to the mall- or you can run via the new Guild Hub.

Current 2x2x2 Store Design smaller stores will be more natural to fix with outdoors :slight_smile:

Can Modify if required to reduce or increase shop stand capabilities.

This is designed to give players options to move straight into a store and sell without the hassle of building a store. It also give players the confidence that the store next door will not be undercutting them.

So let me know if you’re keen, or if you would like to lock in a store.
Mall is a month or so away from being built for grand opening- so plenty of time to give it some thought.

Thanks again
KREE KARL :heart:


I think it’s a good idea for those who have building phobias! Of which I’ve known a few. Good for newbies too who don’t have the materials to build a shop but want an income.


Great that someone is actually opening something To permanent world.

Only downsides i see here is
-trusting issues (what stops you getting the profit To yourself?). I dont know you.
-freedom of building your own Shop (some players have specific trade Mark how you know its their Shop… Like fantasy tree example).


I think the beauty of it is, it probably won’t appeal to those shop owners and let’s face it, there’s tons of malls out there for those guys. I think this caters for a specific group of people who aren’t interested in building.

Theres been 2 or 3 or these in the past that I have known of. Sadly none are still around. The same issue seems to occur, not enough people want to trust the method compared to the size of the mall
So you end up with 10 stalls in a 100 space mall and it looks dead

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Yeap. I think this could work if it would be some guilds mall Or something.

I would recommend To drop Shop count To lets say 3 per category.

This aint New idea @ghandymarshall you forgot sunken mall ( aquatopia) wich actually uses the same model and is this up and running… But lacks vendors as you said. 100 places. 10 is filled

You are right. It appeals To specific Group…
So why make it so big When Active player population is almost the same as he has shops In there (ye it rly is… Sadly.)

I see mall here… Mall there… This goes off rails a bit but i really do think theres enough malls In this game


Definitely more than enough . People are always building either a mall or portal hub hoping to be the next TNT/PS/Ultima.

Theres a chance it may work, like TNT for example but that was a fresh approach most of the rest just do the same in different scenery or themes.

Edit: I also see a lot of people who go big with malls immediately quit when their 700hr build that was never discussed and suddenly launched fails because everyone already had 5 shops


I think it’s cool concept. You can count me in for a shop!
Glad I don’t have to build it.

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Cool idea i think it should be easy enough to keep you from collecting the money I mean if you have stuff gone but no money blame kree just like with the future mall people have to little trust to build there. Which is funny since it is something you can report and host is pretty trustworthy

In my hunt hub I have a row of stands that people have access to to sell their hunting stuff. It’s on my beacon but only because I didn’t plan ahead, I designed the little stalls and they blindly trust me not to take their goods or their profits. They work very well and people have made a lot of money off of them.

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Thanks for the feedback mate,
I guess the trust isn’t just on me.
I’m trusting that someone is gonna actually maintain a shop in the mall- hard part is if I gave them perms to plot the built store- what’s stopping them from reclaiming and then I’m out of pocket and then have to rebuild the store again.

I think at the end of the day- they need to learn to trust a mall owner with the fact that if items/ coin went missing the mall would fall instantly right??? Meaning all that work for nothing.

Remembering it’s like free rent. Lol

And for the mark let them put a sign

Yeah agree, targeted towards a specific type of player for sure.
The gods will never settle for anything less than what they have already haha

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Hhhaha you should have seen the first and second design- I’ve killed like 140 shops already from the plans. Don’t think I can’t make it any smaller

Agree about how many malls their are out their hahaha- my question is - how many are actually active…

Thanks for the feedback @Fuzzybear1919.
Trust goes two ways for sure- I’m only interested in people that really wanna have a store in their- and have no issues with trusting the mall owner.

Like I said in previous reply- if I unplotted the built store- and they plotted and reclaimed- it’s the same same right? Apart from the fact I’m now having to rebuild a store.

Every mall in game is basically built by the player that owns the beacon- issue is that been done a million times- and I want a mall that in theme- where it feels like it all matches haha OCD maybe.

Note: Not sure what you mean about future mall- but please reframe from these comments as host is a good friend.

I have a shop there i think it is stupid people don’t trust him

What do you mean ? Haha sorry- do you mean they can put up the sign?

I mean, I can’t speak for other malls, but Brown Town Mall has been more active lately. A few more shops coming in every few days :smiley:

I agree with most of what people here have said - people are always gonna be wary of allowing someone else to control their beacon, stock, etc. But I’m no expert on the matter - my mall is done one way and I’ve not explored other ways!

This is Boundless - go for it! You have full Brown Town support :slight_smile: