Ladders, Scuba gear, Fishing and boats

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I would love to see these in the game. Ladders would be very very helpful, fishing would just be awesome, all the water and nothing living in it? And a little boat you can keep in your inventory put in the water and break and get back, like in Minecraft, would make water travel much easier. Also a boat that can go in lava would be great. Scuba gear of some sort or at least a food or potion that increases underwater time would be awesome.


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woohoo! metallic lava proof boats! I’m down with that!

also ladders have been discussed and prototyped, I’d love to see those as well as being able to use a chiselled wall as a ladder!

Speaking of chisels I’d love to be able to chisel glass

Scuba gear would be fantastic. There are areas of certain planets I would love to build underwater but currently the only way to do that is extremely time consuming as you need to basically dig under water to the location you’re targeting and build upwards inside a dome that you gradually expand to slowly stop the water from leaking in. Then once you have the dome hollowed out you can build your project and then replace the dome blocks with glass blocks to create your Atlantis.

Scuba gear would greatly aid this type of content creation.

This unfortunately isn’t something that’s likely to happen. There have been long discussions about it. I’ll try and find the posts about it for you so you can read why.

That’s one of the posts. There is other links in that post to other ones about the topic as well