Lag on EU planets

I have been noticing for the last couple of days that I am getting bad lag on the EU higher planets. The higher ones are the only ones I go to notice this. I am located in the US East and would use servers here if we had more of them so that I didn’t need to go the others to get stuff. My latency is going from 115 to 200-300 back and forth on it. It was causing me some rubber banding and getting hung for short periods in portals. The US planets seem to be fine and I am not having that problem on them. Did you guys up the limit on players for these planets? My chunk rate is set to high but I wasn’t having this bad of trouble on these till just the last couple of days and the other servers are doing fine. The ones I have having issues with are Finata (main portal hub being there is killing me), Lamblis, Besevrona, and Cardass.

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I have exactly the opposite issue from EU.
@Vdragon any ideas on this ? Similar issue I had here, since then all was fine until these days

Video from Cephonex Merika

Video showing latency on different planets

And my connection test during the same time period


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@blake and @james are usually better equipped to answer questions about lag.

Today evening, around 9:30 CET it improved greatly for me. No clue what might have been causing it.