Lake shop : discontinued thread

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Prices lowered a tad.
Prices are as on stand. even with tax still making enough profit.

If someone wants to buy it all out to flip, go for it but take note that I’ll be keeping up supply on regular basis so all you’ll be doing is making me money and enraging the average oort on the street.

Will put up loads of compactors in a couple of hours and centraforge a few hours after: now in stock!

also range of diamond tools/weapons added


Good prices. Just be aware … theres re sellers stalking this kinda things ^^


There is a couple of us with lower prices now and I think more will follow. Gonna be hard to keep buying us out :stuck_out_tongue:
Gems are so plentiful now and no reason to keep prices too high (still seeing some places with them over 10k)…more peeps can have access to advanced coils which is a good thing.

update: now all 3900


Wish these prices existed before I quit. The cheapest around was 10600.


You can always come back!
Come on… You know you want to…

Also, sold out of most coils overnight (thank you customers!) but put a few more various coils out this morning before I went to work, and will have more ready in a few hours.


I most certainly did not buy your stock of centraforge coils…:smirk:


Very excited to see the community beginning to force resellers to buy them out en masse. Look forward to more of this ‘fair’ price market strategy and hope to see an end of 3rd party mark ups.


will have all types back in stock tomorrow.
Peeps who want them sooner can pay a fair bit more from elsewhere or wait a few hours and try to beat the re-sellers/tower builders :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s not too much effort to keep up supply for the foreseeable future.
Hopefully I’ll manage to sell a few to those who actually need them, at a reasonable price, but either way I seem to have a guaranteed income.
Plenty of “profit” for me, even at these prices.


Did I miss the restock? I’m after some forge coils too & the stand is empty. Not sure if early or late. :slight_smile:


Does seem you have to be a bit quick…put up 50 earlier and already gone. Will have more (100, maybe more) out tomorrow morning (uk).


Okay cheers! I think some people are buying up the competition, heh. Any chance you can hold seven back tomorrow?


sure. I’ll send you a tell when ready


Thank you very much!


recommend a visit to Red Wood, on Arie (they have a portal by my shop)

Lovely town to have a wander around!

Also made a little build on a couple of plots (my first in a proper community!)…little woody maze that leads to…something…


Thanks for the affordable coils! Picked up my first 2 workbench coils yesterday.


Keeping prices reasonable hopefully offers more oorts the chance to get crafting (make your own coils! Super easy) and to maybe stick around in the oortverse a little longer.
i also make just enough money for my needs.
I have just bought myself an early Christmas pressie of a switch so supply might run a little dry as I battle to find zelda.


as long as your back :wink:


It’s a testament to this game that I haven’t been playing my switch as much as I’d thought…
Have most coils in stock :slight_smile:

My immediate surroundings are rather flat so I’ve been playing around with building my own small mountain. Started a build on top and will then create a little biome inside


prices updated


Just picked up 15 Advanced Coils. Thanks for the shop.