Lake shop : discontinued thread

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Thanks for buying :smile:


Thanks, picked up some coils and enjoyed the Bath House in the snow :+1:


enjoy your coils and snow just makes everything look better :slight_smile:

gonna re-build outside of that thing next year along, with the 5 or 6 other projects that need finishing or re-doing :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


all advanced coils in stock and more cooking.

Update: WIGIG…last batch for foreseeable future.

need to be building more :slight_smile:


any more centraforge advanced coils on the way?


not in the near future, soz.
I think centless has them up occasionally at 2500. There were another couple of shops that were selling them around 3k, but you might need to search a forum for their posts.

update: back cooking ALL coils: currently over 50 of each type out for sale.


price of coils now 2500.

How low can it go :smiley:

update: all in stock.

Confused -- Again LOL Crafting skill level, power and making purified butter

All sold out of advanced centraforge coils. Any more in the pipeline?


Will have some on sale in a couple of hours (at work at mo)
Also might have some still at my new outlet at Gyosha Mall

same great prices, totally different planet.


Dropped about 40 k in your shop last night


I thank you for your 40k and hope the coils are working well. If any faults occur within 30 days please contact customer service at your local Sochaltin I service centre (please check your receipt for details).

Be assured that your money will no way be used for any oort contraband from tier 6 worlds to be consumed this coming weekends event, "Sochtastic I bingo bongo rave-a-licious (invite only) but will instead will be used to feed and clothe (…well, tattoo) my growing family.

Update: All coils in stock (try other outlet if not). Loads of everytype cooking right now and continuing next couple of days.
Demand seems to be on the rise.


Put out some of new blocks if peeps wanna see how they look close up.


I’m waiting for that mass craft of seba lol


All coils in stock at time of posting.

All coils come ready assembled, just plug and play!


Hi peeps,

I’ve hidden roughly 40ish shop stand around my build with various goodies all for 1c!

Items include adv. coils (and a few normal ones), some forged tools, golden fists and a whole host of other stuff of varying quality but all def worth more than 1c!

have fun…my build covers quite a bit of area and some are obvious while I’ve tried my best to hide some gear quite well.
Would turn on plot view to help in certain parts.

I’m away for weekend but hopefully everything will be found.
Those with enough money, goods already please give others a chane!
Also maybe maybe don’t buy all items on a stall…leave some for others :slight_smile:


ps. if people seem to enjoy this, I’ll try to do another at another time some different time zones can get in the fun.
pss. be careful …bring a grapple :stuck_out_tongue:
psss. tell me what you found!!

New way to get coin

Anyone found something good yet? Some nice 3x3 aoe hammers out there somewhere…


Those coils and forged tools must be in some well-hidden places because I ran around almost an hour to no avail. I really was just looking for those coils… xD


Heh, not making it easy, where’s the fun in that :slight_smile:
I do have a large underground area…bit of a Warren. One access point is through a portal in my workshop


I was super impressed! It was fun to explore around! Loved the use of water!


My brother found decorative gems and strength brews.