Lake shop : discontinued thread

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Update: see my last post
Hello you,

all advanced coils now only 2500

Amongst other bargains.
Hope you find something you need.

please visit “Lake”
on Sochaltin I

“Lakey” off the Lamblis PS hub
3rd floor of Ultima mall

portals to those lovely peeps at Dealz, Red Wood and TROO-LOKC

also a few poi available for those interested in having a nose round.


Just refilled some stands and will be on during day to ensure keeping that the mighty manic mayhem of a monday sale keeps going!

Stuff the sale…gonna keep prices low so:

lowered advanced workshop coils to 10500 each

keeping compact hard coal at 640 each

ton of refined stone at 1c (ever popular warm yellow :stuck_out_tongue:)

Just added range of titanium tools all priced at 1800 each.

Any luck selling those yellow refined?

Do you take trades on the refined yellow stones?

I’m sure we can work out a good deal…back from work in 6 or 7 hours

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i would be awake around noon est time. i have gems to trade or something along those lines

Updated prices:

main changes:

workshop advanced coils now down to only 9995 !

and hard compact coal 575

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What side is your portal ps on lambis

east side, named “Lakey” (old name of beacon)

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Updated first post, with new, lower, prices.

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Great prices!
Sadly did not have refinery coils which i was looking for, but i’ll be coming to this shop more in the future.

yeah, sorry, I only really make advanced workshop coils on a regular basis.
Trying to keep prices sensible, like my fellow shop owner, Peyago but even at 8000, haven’t sold any (!) in last 24 hrs.
Maybe peeps are waiting till they drop further :slight_smile:

While I’m here I’d like to announce opening of new attraction

have a good look round, from the top of the tower (lovely view of my neighbour Chisel Town, whom I am currently conjoined with…lots of wonderful builds!)

Please be careful not to go over edge, but rather down the hole!
Hope you don’t die.

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Adv. Workbench coils go pretty slow compared to the others, but when they do sell, they sell 5-10 at a time. I’m starting to run low, but I think I’ve sold around 80-100 or so. I wish you luck buddy! I probably won’t be selling coils for more than another few weeks. Going to have to shove all of my ore into my build for a year or so lol.

Sounds ambitious… Look forward to seeing some progress pics!

nice obelisk, looks pretty sci fi.
maybe end it pointy?

workshop coils now 6990.

it’s a race to the bottom :grin:

Hard compact coal only 500

Titanium base, crucible and all tools and weapons 1500 each

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You’re killin’ me smalls! :smirk:

I think I’m mostly sold out now at 8k, but won’t be able to check until sometime tomorrow. I’m shifting gears to forged gear so probably won’t be making very many more. Good luck with your sales.

Updated prices to match this lovely shop

I only sell advanced Workshop though!

Also added a maze-like bit of fun

Plus I’m now viceroy! shouldn’t last long…

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Still have advanced workshop coils, at 3990, in stock.

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