Lake shop : discontinued thread

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Yea searched for a hour+ found 1 forged gem hammer. every other stand I found was empty already. Never did find the stand that had the coils. I’d say I found at least 25 shop stands. I was thru the underground area too. Also found your mini ice slide in the tower


I did forget to check the spa area now that I think about it. Your place has grown a lot since the last time I ran around there. Really nice


That ice slide was an experiment… Was going to have it run all the way down but couldn’t make it work… Might revisit it soon.
I’ll try to put some more stuff out (in new places! ) when I get back from visiting family.


Great job everyone on finding almost all 49 (I actually counted this time).
1 left, with some gold fists (have left up) but otherwise amazing…gonna have to try much harder hiding these things!
Will do this again next friday or saturday, so watch this space :slight_smile: might make it a regular thing!


2 gold fists if I remember correctly. I know exactly where it’s at lol. Thanks for doing the scavenger hunt


You didn’t buy everything up when you found it…kinda hoped people would do that so thank you, very decent of you.
I’ve made a fair bit of money with my little shop so just thought it would be nice to share a bit.


1c sale!!

trouble is, none of these goodies are in my shop but scattered throughout my build…

51 shop stands with:
A whole stack of oort shards!
4 x 5 stacks of advanced coils
loads of gem weapons and tools, some forged, some not.
plus a lot more
Tried to make it more difficult this time but lets see…you are a clever lot :wink:

let me know when you find something cool :slight_smile:

Quick plea for those who already relatively well off…please leave the more expensive and rarer items for those with less. Thank you.

go go…all items in pic (from 6th slot onwards) are out there somewhere


found the advanced coil and a titanium grapple.

Very large build so there are likely tons left that others have not found…some of course were already empty…


Yeah out of at least 20 stands I came across, all I found was an iron first, trampolines, and the oort shards. Left them all behind.


You found the one thing I can’t seem to find. Only came to find one thing lol Oort shards


Guess Ill look some more cause searches like this are fun! May do this in Axon on Biitula sometime in near future


good job finding coming across the oort shards…thought I’d hidden them well!

might have to give a hint, if they are still there :slight_smile:


Pure chance. If I had been on any other side…


You made a lot of changes since the last or I missed a lot the first time you did this. Also noticed you blocked off the inside of the tower lol


Like to keep myself busy, and yeah, tiding that area up…still not finished though…


You peeps are slacking…still 1 gem (non-forged) hammer, 5 adv coils, some locks, couple stacks of bricks and 5 x gem torches left :stuck_out_tongue:
very good job otherwise

update: tsk tsk, found another 5 stack of coils and a forged gem hammer

and still there monday afternoon :slight_smile:


Seems like you did a better job at hiding them this time :blush: tho I’ve seen quiet a few places that would be really good that you haven’t utilized yet. Really appreciate the hunt


I had fun thank you…love hunting things!


all coils back in stock.

these still leftover from last weeks hunt. 1c per unit
hammer has quirks but still has aoe goodness


I mean if no one wants them I’ll hunt em down. Lol