Lake shop : discontinued thread

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I tried to look for them but failed :frowning: … Was trying to get the coils for the community… oh well… good lucky finding :slight_smile:


first pic should provide pretty big clue and the other 2 are quite close together…


I’m pretty sure I stumbled across those the day you put them out but I was only there for the shards :slight_smile: which you so kindly gave me. :smiley:


will try a second time :stuck_out_tongue: … kindly stand around one so I can find it easier lol


Lol I would but I’m actually on my way out to lunch


gave up after I almost drowned lol


no pain no gain :stuck_out_tongue:

also just found these as well

2 x unforged


you are killing me lol… that or you want me coming back for footfall haha jks


FINALLY found something… got the slingbows… :slight_smile:

on to the next :stuck_out_tongue:


When I read the title, I thought it meant you had 2500 advanced coils in stock

I was like, woah. Okay then lol


He’s probably sold more than that by now


I helped achieve that 2500 coil mark… bought a punch and brought ppl over to buy some :slight_smile:


Yea I bought probably 100+ from him


heh, ohhhh yes :slight_smile:

It;s due to lovely peeps like you that I get to bathe in oort champagne and wear pure silk nappies every day.
Also, my bank manager thanks you.
If only real life was like that…(nappies excluded)


I know I made a ton of them too, dunno about 2500 though that’s pretty intense haha

Probably like 1000 or so. Gems were expensive as heck and so was titanium back then so mass production wasn’t so easy


I bought all my first coils at great cost and think I made a post somewhere were I confidently declared I would never bother making coils.
Then affordable aoe hammers appeared and new hunting grounds but coil makers were still pricing them oh so very high and so me and 1 or 2 others broke the coil market :), bringing coils to the masses at a fair price.
This was somewhat propelled by my fear that other coin makers (gleam for one) were starting to dry up and that big money was going to become more elusive.


Lol titanium prices are almost the same as iron now. Gold and silver are worth more


Yea my first ones were in the 15k area


3rd attempt made my day… got them all :slight_smile:… this was fun and a pain at the same time… thank you and cannot wait for the next one :slight_smile:


well done :slight_smile:
perseverance wins the day!

will have a another proper 50ish shop stand hunt in a week or 2

running out of hiding places though…risk of death or dismemberment will probably increase :thinking: