Land Speculation / Reservation Plots

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Please read this Suggestion, also in case of the eventual new system for Land Speculation.

This is what im speaking of, link below :

As in Official Boundless Discord wrote…

An mate and me were discussing about,
if this really comes true, there should also be an addition system
similar to the Plot System. Being able to set Reservation Plots, manually.

Setting reservation Plots are Limited, has a time limit of 4 weeks and needs to have an specific amount of prestige to be able to use the second fuel bar.
*edit : Reservating an Plot, reservates the chunk.

The second fuel bar is in your exsisting Lightfire,
the effect should be that the reservation plots has to be connected.
Refueling “reservation-fuel-bar” has to be done manually and is not supported by Gleam Club,
so ohter players has a chance to get those plots,
if there is no interest anymore by the owner of the reservation.

Opinion 1 :
The Reservation is limited by amount of prestige from the connected Plots overall, that you are owning.
World regen should be still active.

Opinion 2 :
Identic to Plot System, you are able to buy Reservation Plots.
Those are seperate from the claiming Plots and has world regen active.

Opinion 3 : ( recommendend )
As many Plots as you have, as many reservation plots you get.

Not interested in this change


Well being as plots above and below plots you own are reserved I don’t see how that works since you can’t plot above or bellow someone else. So you are trying to add a lot of complexity to the game that doesn’t need to be there. I also don’t support a change like this.


this suggestion is not about the Land Speculation itself, you know ? ^^

I like the buying and selling of claims as long as the buyer has the plots to cover the area. But my opinion is your suggestion is a bit much. For an already complex system.

yeah this is something we can allready do
just post you want this land and price
if someone wants it they come take it
all i would be interested is an option to transfer all in one go to others without replotting mess

on second thought maybe i do like it then i can buy back all the land around my builds :joy:

I posted in the other forum post about this. I can see transferring plots… but selling them for in game currency would be a no for me and a deal breaker in my eyes for the game. If people are able to package up plots and sell them, that could be an open invitation for elements outside of the game to do the same and then sell those plots for real money. While this would more than likely be against TOS, when those elements get into a game, it is hard to get rid of them. At least this is one potential side effect I see of a change like this.

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@Blackmage2015 @the-moebius @ocuana13
again, this sugesstion is not about if land speculation should be possible or not,
for that there is an survey linked between.