Lanterns changed colors

That’s a real (and really serious) bug then. I hope that somebody looks into this for you.

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My thinking is that crafted lanterns are only programmed for released planet gleam not the event gleam…So say they release a exo with blk gleam they would program that into the crafts as well. Thats just my hypothesis.

Nah, that’s not it.

I made a mass of black lanterns just after gleambow event, though it could have changed during an update.

Hope the devs get to the bottom of it and sort you out!

Thanks yeah I hope so.

my black gleam lanterns got screwed over too back when the gleambow race was going. i complain so much on here i decided not to mention this one then but I would like to know why it did this.

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When you craft the system will take resources from the machine’s inventory first and then your personal inventory. If there is a distribution of input colours then the output will select an output colour by sampling the input distribution.

For example, if there are 75 red gleam and 25 blue gleam, then there is a 75% chance that all the outputs will be red, and a 25% chance that all the outputs will be blue. It’s a single roll for all the outputs.

I would imagine in this case the system pulled in some other colours and they were unluckily selected as the output colour.

We have discussed in the past changing this system to select the output colour for each output item. This would mean that instead of getting 100% red or 100% blue, you’re more likely to get 75% red and 25% blue.


I think if you look at the tooltip and it says blk Lanterns and doesnt make blk lanterns you are stuck. My solution would be that the tooltip reflect the actual color so at least we have the option to quit out of the recipe instead of getting a color we dont want after the fact when its to late and weve lost our resources.

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But this would mean that you could add 1x black and 99x white and keep trying until the colour reports black. So it would be a way to game the RNG.


Well maybe majority color is the default color so its not technically gamed? Example mass craft is 36 gleam if you have say 75% one color it would be the default color.

This sounds good to me! It would need to be highlighted in the tooltip though when crafting.

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The tooltip could show the chances to get each color.
Or something like “unknown”, “undetermined” or “Schrödinger’s color”.

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The tool tip is pretty misleading then, since the whole point of tool tips is to explain what is happening in the game, could the tool tip at least say, “1% chance black, 99% chance white?”

What if the majority is 10 black, and you add 9 red, 9 green, 9 blue, etc.

Still very game-able.


Maybe it would be better to just allow only one colour to be added at a time?

That would save any worries about ‘gaming’ or accidently getting wrong colour.

Or have a warning flash up when more than 1 colour is added?

Btw everyone - I’m not defending the current system - I’m just explaining what I think is happening. Clearly it’s misleading and I can fully understand player confusion + frustration.

We’ve been talking about something similar with regards to the new farming tint mixing system.


I think having a tooltip pop up just saying that there is mixed colors so the output may draw from either color would be sufficient. I think it’d help a lot of people.

Don’t know if that’d be hard to implement in the meantime or not.

But the machine automatically pulls from the your inventory. So you’d need to disable the crafting button until you’re not carrying any other colours.

Unless it only used the items you’ve inserted in the machine?

“To many input colours to craft.”

That might work, a little less streamlined, but no chance of accidently wasting ‘high value’ blocks.

Well I would just make it so only 1 color of gleam can be used at this point that kills all this. Im still out of my mats though lol

Could it not just pull a single colour?