Lapas Capital and Market - Come build with us!

I don’t really have an idea, here’s some spiral inspiration though


aww thanks Jenndragonfly…that would be awesome, since I am calling it my home for last month :smile:
(no griefers, no griefers, no greifers…)

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yes us too! NO griefers! the capital is beacon protected, so we would have that peace of mind that no one can mess with it

aren’t we all in love with spirals :>

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yes indeed! :blush:

Here is a quick sketch I came up with from the brainstorming we were doing

I’m thinking a mix of the red and blue leaves that grow on Lapas, the greenish trunks and the rainbow (or other colors) tower with a white crystal hanging above it in the canopy of the tree. The tower would be hollow so you can see the crystal above (maybe a garden or pond inside with a garden…so when you spawn at the capital u can see the tower, crystal and tree canopy above) @Umajianu is this what you were kinda thinking of?

What do you all think? please comment :smile:


I love this! That is adorable! Looks like a lot of work. I’m good at following directions.

I like it, might be a tad too colorful for what I saw, but it can certainly work. Only real problem I see is that all that gleam is gonna cause uber lag while also changing the tones of contrasting lights.

Sorry for lack of my own sketch, work became crazy.

we can always change the colors…doesnt have to be rainbow…maybe blues and purple or green…what ever looks good :smile: we can always do different colors of wood or (does stone come in different colors?) something else with accents of gleam here and there - maybe the hanging crystal be blue? Since the world name is similar to Lapis Lazuli…it would be cool

@Umajianu, @DarkRepulsor, @smurfpumper - are u all available to help today? i will be on lots today to start on the building and finish clearing the area and @lolitaiori is already on helping :smile:

Ooooh, these towers look just gorgeous!

Ah, too bad! I probably won’t be on much today, lots of RL stuff to do. Sorry!!

no worries im sure we will be working on it tomorrow too

I can be on in about an hour

SO I have a model tower base from an old build on Furthor that I think would work well here.

Modifications to this would be to shorten the glass pane levels and modify the eye levels for more color. This pattern would repeat for the seven rainbow colors and the top would burst into a large tree canopy.

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This is wonderful. :raised_hands:

Looks like the Eye of Souron

its very square, we are not going with a more organic feel? or is the spiral going to start higher up?

Woah! looks great!

Devs - @ben and @james, Please add @ChronicApathy to the Lapas Capital build site? THank u so much!!