Lapas Capital and Market - Come build with us!

HI! Who amoung all of us fine Oortians hails from LAPAS? I would also love to be a part of the construction of the Lapas Capital. Who should I contact for permission?

Lapis Lazuli - I love this stone, it reminds me of blue gleam (the old version) its why i chose this server :wink: Its one of my favorite stones

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The Oort heard your plea…


thank you so much!

Hrm, I actually have my twin towers on Lapas, mind if I could also be part of the Capital Construction Crew?

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did the devs approve your collaborator status for the Lapas Capital, @Umajianu?

Alas, I never got a response : / @ben @james

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Currently I am the only one with access I think. I need some help!! friends with ideas and awesome building skills!! @ben @james?

when you are able to get permission…I have mostly cleared the capital beacon area in prep for a really cool build…which i have no idea what it will be yet LOL need ideas!

@ben @james can we also add @lolitaiori to the Lapas capital build? thank u!!! :purple_heart:

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Sure - will add the additional users tomorrow.


thank you so much, i will tell them! :smile:

Any word on this?

It should have already happened…

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Hrm, I shall check again.

Edit: Works now, must have just been my connection or some strange happenstance. Thank you!

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yay thank you so much devs! it will be fun to have people to build with :grinning:

Lapas? i thought i was the only Oort there :smile:
sure would love to

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@ben @james can we add @smurfpumper too? :smile:

Add me too!!!

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@Jenndragonfly do you have any ideas for this, in terms of style or whatever?

yea! @Umajianu, @lolitaiori and I were brainstorming a bit…with spirals and rainbow colors…

but we haven’t really nailed down any one idea…Do you have an idea @DarkRepulsor?

@ben, @james, can we add @DarkRepulsor to the Lapas Capital as well?
The more ideas the merrier, in my opinion and we can come up with something really cool