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So I’ve been thinking the game is lacking a bit on late game so I was thinking maybe a raid boss for later on in the game for example a level 6 goat. What do you guys think are the pros and cons of this idea?

We do have plans to add more things to do late game but these changes will be added after 1.0. We will be visiting old ideas such as guardians, dungeons and of course titans. We want to make sure end game is as interesting and unique as possible by adding new enemies to fight rather than buffing up the old ones (we already have a lot of progression within the same types of creatures).



Maybe you guys sould sticky the trello board? (unless the roadmap has changed considerably? - cannot remember the link myself)

Since the 1.13 Aquatic Update a new inderwater hostile mob ,the Drowned, was introduced to the game. However, it’s just another Zombie variant. I’m not trying to say that they aren’t useful, I’m trying to say that Boundless oceans need a proper fish like hostile mob. It would make the oceans more terrifying and beautiful at the same time. And it doesn’t need to be a real life animal. It can be a fictional one. Here is a link that will take you to a picture of an underwater hostile mob from the Between Lands mod, just to show an example

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Heck no. I go into the water to escape the mobs. As a miner in need a way to get away from hostile mobs. Going into the water has worked more than once.


I feel like they should at least have hostile mobs underwater in higher tier planets. Makes it a bit more challenging.

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I think this is a great idea

maybe the water mobs could be on later planets? (dont forget you can hide in a cave/underground)

is the mob actually there yet? and if so where? i have yet to see one

I think he was referring to a minecraft update in which they added a new zombie like mob which can be found underwater.


I can jump into the water or run into it without stopping. . I might not have time to find a cave. or to dig a hole.

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I don’t think the game should hold your hands as much when we get later into the game. Just my opinion. What do you think @Tobelawe @4dau?

There should definitely be hostile mobs on and off land - especially in the later tiers. Having a sense of danger adds to the excitement of resource harvesting.

Water should not serve as a safe haven; that’s what your base is for.

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I strongly disagree with your implying using water as a means to escape mobs is “hand holding”. In any case we are not going to agree on this.

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I am okay with having marine life but NOT if its going to be hostile.
Im okay with it attacking you if you attack it though.

Interactions with animals doesnt always have to be KILL KILL KILL!!
I like to enjoy my surroundings not run away from them all the time…


It’s not mutually exclusive - we can have both passive and aggressive mobs.

You could argue the opposite that not all animals are friendly, passive creatures. Aggressive mobs should also be considered to cater for the players that do prefer a bit of spice in their gameplay. Maybe they can spawn in greater depths or near valuable resources for risk/reward scenarios.

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Its less about variety and more about the horrible underwater combat system.


So we’re just completely ruling out potential future additions based on the assumption that current systems will never be improved upon?

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No I think we need to consider that hunting is one role in the game and not the entire basis of the game. The game is also about building, mining, crafting and exploring. The game needs to balance these roles so everyone can succeed and every player does not have to be a hunter in order to fulfill their desired role in game. If every biome is hostile and there is no reasonable option to escape a mob, then you have to be a hunter. That is the issue.


While I agree with the sentiment that hunting is not the entire basis of the game… this suggestion does not at all entail that.

Adding a hostile mob in water does not automatically make that biome or the game hunter-oriented. It would at the very least provide a challenge (arguably something fun) to do in that environment for all roles. A hunter is just more efficient at dealing with it; just like how a builder, trader or crafter is able to perform their respective roles more effectively than a hunter. You said there is no reasonable option to escape the mob which forces players to be hunters… but there are no details on the mechanics of the mob even mentioned - let alone finalised - in the first place. There are many ways the devs could balance this to allow for alternative playstyles - what if the mob moves very slowly and could easily be outpaced? Perhaps items could be added which could incapacitate them or cause them to flee? Killing does not have to be the only option.

This issue only becomes an issue because you fabricated a set condition that players have no other reasonable option to escape the mob.

This is your opinion that it would be more fun and not a fact. I do not think it makes it more fun and there is already enough challenge, in my opinion. We will get more challenge with the higher tier planets not even introduced so why do the current planets require more challenge? I will also argue that by adding mobs to a place where there are none currently, you are in fact skewing a biome towards the hunter skills. My ability to use a chisel certainly does not help me in this situation only things like armor and weapons skills do.

I fabricated nothing. I am going from experience. If do not have time to dig a hole or find a cave because a mob is chasing me, what am I supposed to do? Apparently I do not know how to play the game, please enlighten me with a way that I can escape a mob without killing it in a limited period of time? Also let me know why escaping into water, which has been an option for quite a long time should not be a valid way to escape?

As there has been no mention of making these changes by the developers, until they do, the system in place is all we have to go on. You can make up any kind of possible changes to the mobs you want to make your arguments, but until they hit the developers roadmap, they are not a fact or part of a planned future so it kind of invalidates your argument.

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