Latest build on test: Planetary shopping UI

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Far too many games out there that support this time of creative output. That part is easy to understand. Whether you agree or not is a different thing though and everyone is entitled to whether they agree or not. EVE has tons of outside program use. UO had tons. WoW reshaped that entire field. I mean honestly II am hard pressed tto think of many games that were big in their time that didn’t have a fair bit of ‘hacking’ around the code to create more efficient ways of playing that game. It almost was always for the better of game enjoyment as well.

Heck, you could argue that the trade-network is what got us the scanners in the first place. Community members that enjoy a game often created things to make the game better in areas they feel it is lacking. If it’s popular enough, then those features get incorporated in to the game over time. The history of games certainly proves that. Heck many developers go on to hire those community creators, look at Path of Exile and the loot filter that was created and they brought that fellow on board.


This is the only cross platform game that I can think of that allows modding/hacking.

I thought minecraft is cross platform, but maybe I’ve misunderstood something, it’s been a while since I played it :smiley:

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Is it? I’ve only played it with other ps4 players

Sorry i added a bit to it at the end while you responded I guess, PoE is the most recent one cross platform on the top of my head.

I never played PoE so didn’t know that pc and console plebs played together.

I’m not 100% sure, since I haven’t really played it after the other platforms came in to the picture, just what I’ve heard from news stories but those don’t sometimes fact check every detail.

I might be wrong, but I thought it was. Sorry, might have stuck my foot in my mouth because I just assumed. Guess I should dig in on that and find out.

edit: they’re '‘looking in to cross platform play’ for the last year, I think thats why i had assumed it was.

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After a quick google there’s multiple versions of minecraft, the moddable one isn’t cross-play so you might be right :thinking:

Yea ps4 players can’t even play with anyone else :joy: Was just checking myself. It kinda makes sense tho. You’re giving unfair advantages to part of your player base. Sure this game isn’t a player vs player type of game but at the same time it is. Hunting for plants pc player could find a lot easier till the devs changed what the foliage setting did. Among other mods like the mod for meteors that is out there.

The consoles keep their security so tight nowadays modding there is nigh impossible to achieve even if the developer was ok with it :woman_shrugging: And the PS4 plan came later on, the modding support was decided earlier if I recall correctly.

Sony allows mods with Fallout and Skyrim. Of course it’s limited to a certain amount and not as robust as the pc mods.

Aren’t they somehow curated by the devs tho? Now that I think of it it could theoretically be possible to curate them for boundless too, but I’m pretty sure they don’t have the resources to do that atm :smiley: If ever.

They might be. I’m not entirely sure how it works with those two games.

I have no idea why this is constantly a response by people in this forum. Just because someone states an opposing view or states their opinion is seems a large majority of the people here need to restate over and over that people are allowed to have their opinion. No one said people were not allowed to have an opinion. Added to that, just because someone states the other side does not mean they are saying that the other opinion isn’t allowed to be said.

The difference is using a valid API or mod based tools. If we had those tools then my stance would be very different as would the others I talk to on the side about this.

Boundless does not have those solutions currently. So everyone using the current hacks are 1) literally hacking the game 2) cheating because some of the hacks are not available to all people 3) making the game worse for everyone that does not have access to those hacks 4) not using integrity to play the game they are given instead of making it work for them in the way they want it.

Any argument along those lines would not hold up to any pressure and just a process to justify and enable hack based game play. The need that caused the scanners was already present and obvious to all playing the game and very likely the Developers. What made us get the “auction” system we see currently is the decision based on the Developers on where they were with their roadmap and that they felt this system was the next important thing to release over Titans or who knows what else.

Obviously I can give credit and respect to the people that created their solution for the solution they created. But, that does not mean that anyone needs to respect or justify the game hacking that they did. The end does not justify the means. It wasn’t required and consistent community pressure at the Developers on the need would have resulted in the solution showing at some point - and it did.

This is why. You flat out stated you didn’t understand why they couldn’t just play the game(s) the way you think they should be played. So I attempted to explain my comment more, but apparently you didnt like the reasoning. I can’t help that.

It’s absolutely two different mindsets of approaching what a person views as fun and entertainment.

As for the rest of the comment, I thought the devs supported modding the game client? Was this not something discussed in EA? I was led to believe it was. It seems like there needs to be an official statement on what they do and don’t support so this ‘crossing the line’ argument can just be put to rest.

Going to throw it out there, maybe the reason why boundless trade, and any other “hack”, is allowed is because they are necessary.

The in game UI might increase, or decrease participation to an outside information source. No one knows until it happens.

It’s a value to some, and saying that others didn’t have it: that happens sometimes. Though I sincerely doubt a person on a ps4 couldn’t just whip out their phone and look up what was on sale.

Besides, it’s up to the devs to correct for features the players feel are “must have”. If they don’t, players will continue to find ways to add it until it is more work than fun. Want an example? Machine coil repair. On pc it’s easy to use a macro from Logitech or another brand to make repairing coils simpler. Or, the devs could fix AoE spanners.

Not everything is perfectly equal, and it literally has zero impact on you (or anyone else) either way.

I’ve had conversations with them and an API is something they feel might be beneficial for the game at some point but haven’t had time to put that in place so that could be a reason the site stays. I would say the “need” of the feature is pretty obvious and maybe not the way it is done. It just comes down to how some people are willing to play the game and how others choose to justify their actions.

Either way, we have seen the developers take time to stop certain hacks while other ones are going completely against the agreement that was made. Unfortunately there is no direct proof (only rumors) of those that are likely cheating and certainly very limited time on the Developers side to investigate and try to stop it.

I’d say mostly things stay they way they are because of limited developers and time. That has been the consistent theme regarding this game for years now. That challenge has hurt the game and all of us a lot it looks like - at least so far.

Either the machines coils are working the way they want or it comes down to the same thing - priority of dev focus and time or at most that people haven’t proved enough on why it really is helpful and will change the game enough to add it.

For me, I would consider a macro or something a completely different level of hacking than reading memory and other tricks to get access to data that is not normally made available to players. I’d see it on some levels of a misdemeanor versus felony.

A macro to fix coils doesn’t impact me unless we are racing to finish the repair. But, a hacking of memory to get access to data and distribution of resources and who knows what else DOES impact me and every player on the game. Added to that, only making the data available to certain people or situations or whatever is massively unfair.

Trying to create segmentation or reasons or just blanked justification is only a method of not taking responsibility or willing to hold people accountable for their actions. But, we see this all over the world with people making excuses for themselves and how they act. I’m not surprised to see it happen here.


I think my eyes are about to roll out of my head.

I’m glad console players are getting a bone thrown their way. One step closer to easy shopping!


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