Latest build on test: Planetary shopping UI

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Not sure why you’re now even bothering with the site, the system had it’s flaws which are never going to be changed (ie. the PC only thing for the scanner. the 3 days out of date data, etc.), and this system that the devs are making is using actual current data ALL THE TIME and is accessible from the game itself for everyone to use.

Also, will Simoyd change the scanner that if I do not want a shopstand or beacon being listed in the game’s internal shop stand data that his scanner will also not pick it up? Perhaps he can intercept the shop stand setting but it seems doubtful he can do the same for the beacon setting therefor this will be another thing that the game’s internal listing will do better…

Hang on! I just got an idea!

Perhaps you guys should change the purpose of the scanner and the site.

Instead of trying to do it all which is going to be hard since the data will never be 100% up to date why not turn it into a kind of yellow pages? A rough directory of what is being bought and sold on which planet?

What I mean is, scan, collect data which items are being bought and sold but do not bother with prices and quantities. This way people can use it to find planets which are buying or selling the items they are looking for and can then use the game’s internal system to get the locations, prices and quantities?


Release notes:


We seem to be getting so much amazing stuff lately… And so quickly! This is so awesome and unexpected!


If we can transfer instantly via portal why can’t data? I do not think it would violate the lore.


Then what is the point? This is great for the sellers but you just force the buyers into the same game they have now in having to check a bunch of shops to see if they are getting ripped off. Yes at least they know who has the product in stock, but that alone is not enough to make this friendly to the buyer. So if we actually want players to use it maybe the buyer side needs to be considered first. If a seller does not want to participate they can always lock out their beacons and stands so they have control of their data. Let the buyers see the data in a way that provides them value.



It’s a great tool & I think most people will be happy to have/use it. I think it will be awesome if you are looking for a forged tool - find the cheapest one.

If you are looking for more than one item, I dunno. If you need eyeballs for a recipe, are you going to be happy visiting 16 different shops with the “lowest price” single eye for sale? How about bricks? You need 200, but end up at 16 different shops to buy the single one for 4c instead of a packed stand that has 1000 for 5c each?


Maybe or maybe be not, but that is up to the individual buying items. And has nothing to do with a random sorting of items when you look on the new menu (which is what my comments were in response to). Personally for low cost items I would not necessarily go to a lot of different shops if in fact I went to any shops at all, but if I am buying a lot of coils at 1000+ a pop, it might be worth it to got to the shops with the lowest prices even if I have to go to more than one. But that is an individual choice and a new player might feel differently about a hammer being 100 coin cheaper at a different store than I might.




No. Absolutely NO teleporting directly to the shops.


Here is a huge problem… I want quantity sometimes so I’m willing to pay more for a larger quantity. Unfortunately if that larger quantity is located sometime after the 17th basket of price-wise I’ll never see it again. That was the nice thing about the boundless trade website I could look for things by Price quantity excetera.

I would love it if they were to add the ability for this to be sorted by quantity as well


Yes, I hope we in time are given the ability to sort by volume, and not strictly by cheapest price. It certainly is imperative for some of us as volume maters more than price in some instances.


@krasniy @Evergreen

I think different players have different priorities:

Noobs: cheapest price
Builders/Maxed: quantity
Hunters/helpers/etc: closest vicinity


Why? :eyes:
Elaborate pls


100%, that’s why being it’d be awesome if each demographic had the ability to search as per their preference. It’s great right now. don’t get me wrong, but this would make it that much better :smiley: ::smiley:


I think the shopping list is meant to be used as a tool, not a crutch to warp around for free :woman_shrugging:

It’s a shopping tool, not a travel tool.


True. Those with deep pockets would prob go big in large qty.

New players and the not-so-rich ones (like me) would look for the cheap ones


Yup lol

I used to travel to some far off places to save a few coins when I was a noob. Now I usually just grab the closest thing I can find for sale - as long as it’s what I want/need.

And I usually never buy one or two of anything anymore - I personally would get frustrated if I was directed to 16+ different stands/shops that had only one or two items for sale.


Sry, prob i didn’t explain it well.

If i could get the coordinates saved, I could warp to the location. To my knowledge, it’d cost 100c to warp to a saved location . To some people with lots of coins would prob think it’s nothing to spend 100c


They could add the option to mark the location directly so you can follow it in the UI, like when you mark a beacon or player location.


It does, click a seller and You get a mark on the compass.