Latest build on test: Planetary shopping UI

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Would you mind explaining, even if briefly, why you think the economy will take a hit. I am genuinely interested in knowing why to potentially try to minimize any damages to my shop :joy:.


Oh we’re not on 4chan… sorry I’m in the wrong area :joy:


I am working on a new called Boundless Commerce. It will operate off of Simoyd’s scanning client and will aggregate everything as boundlesstrade did until it stopped getting update.

While I’m glad to see this introduced into the game via the UI, I think there’s still a lot of value to be brought to the table by website such as Boundless Commerce. I’ll be watching to see how this evolves.


I’ll make sure that I catch this and account for it in the new Boundless Commerce site I’m working on.


In short, there’s quite a few sellers who are currently selling their products above market price by quite a bit, but manage to sell them because they have prime locations and are easy to find.

With this update, those people will take a hit because people will find other sellers who may be nearby selling the products for much less.

The original vendors will see a drop in sales and will have to adjust their prices.

This is the hit i foresee, but only for those selling high because of their prime location. I feel like any other vendor will most likely see a big increase in sales due to being able to be found a lot easier.


i think tracking is going a bit too far, and may be misleading especially to newish players. there are already multiple portal hubs per planet with many rows of labelled shop portals. If you have the beacon name you can simply check the hubs for a shop with that name and pop through.

newish players dont have a lot of mobility, it might be misleading for them to take the long way and run all the way across the planet when they could have just taken 2 portals and been there in a switch. with that said often new players dont know about portal hubs either.


Another problem I see is that a hub does not necessarily have portals to all shops. Some shops only open a portal to 1 local hub or to other another planet.

The devs @lucadeltodecso could perhaps consider adding an option to save the location so that the player could teleport directly to the beacon of the shop stand


Refined search options would be nice, I don’t think we can search forged goods or even scroll to the next page of results atm. The inaccessible stuff was answered here.


the underlying system does support filtering on forge state/bundles, colours, durability of tools, but nothing in the gui exposed for it. The underlying system is optimised for price-ordered queries, so any other kind of ordering (or paging to see further down the rankings) would make the queries slower to come back (and not implemented as it stands in the underlying system either).

Testing 230: World Shop Scanners!
Testing 230: World Shop Scanners!

Could something be done to hide low volume rows? Some kind of field that hides all rows under X volume? I have no idea what the results will look like from the live universe, I’m only afraid that the list will be full of single digit shop stands, and if you’re looking for volume it’d be simpler to set a minimum amount to show.


Oh yeah nobody wants that stuff anyways.


Firstly love this!

My 2 cents in line with a few others …

Some type of filter, be it a check box etc for toggling between forged and unforged items.

A wider range of displayed prices say 25 max,

A sort filter to allow volume sort as I agree when using BT I would happily pay more coin to visit one place with the full stock I needed.

As per Mayu’s comments some min quantity limit at refresh however it would need to exclude expensive/rare items which are usually only sold in low quantity like RR feathers etc.
Maybe this could work on a cost to quantity ratio?


If there are 100 stands with the same item at the same price, how does it decide which 16 are at the top?

Is it price/quantity or price/distance?

How far does it go?

Price/quantity/distance, price/distance/quantity?

Is there any way of allowing the player to choose the sort order?

People will have different priorities.

For example I might not want to travel far for a large amount of items, and don’t mind paying more, so my preferred sort order would be distance/quantity/price.

And I think, as it seems most people are indicating too, if there is a way to seeing an item is forged or not, would really make this of great value.

Could just be a check box ‘show forged only’, that way the slower query return would only happen at the request of the user, not every time you use the facility?


Lol, you just beat me!


order is by price, then by quantity, then by patronage, then by “whatever order it happens to iterate it”


Is it possible to make it user definable?


Would be good if the list only contains shops in the settlement you are or in beacons directly connected with a portal form your current settlement.

You’re in Gyosha Mall? You only see items from Gyosha Mall, not 2000m away on the planet.

You’re in the PS Lamblis Shopping hub? You see all the items from shops directly reachable through portals in the Lamblis Shopping Hub (on all planets, not just Lamblis).

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I eagerly await my first piece of hate mail resulting from my prices. :wink:

“Dumb noob, selling large fossils for 8c, learn to play the game.”

I’ll laugh, seriously. :crazy_face:

Though on another note, I was going to take down my Alder stands, but this changes my mind. I’ll keep them running. Part of the whole idea with the cheap prices was making stuff accessible to newcomers, and now they’ll be able to find them much more easily… I might even expand the newcomer stuff. And since it is a planet-wide thing my closing most portals there won’t matter.


It would be nice to select the field to sort by.

Maybe set the nearby radius to 300m away - or sort by “nearest” instead of “lowest price”

There are times that I go out to gather or mine & forget a tool or an atlas…I literally don’t care what the prices are…I just want to find what I need asap. Price = zero priority.


I think you should keep your stands up with whatever prices you are happy selling your items at. If it’s lower than everyone else’s…so what lol.

I think that a noob would be more likely to go out of their way to find the lowest price because they haven’t earned much coin yet, nor have they learned how to generate enough coin for their needs yet (or what they like to do in the game). I know I used to go waaay out of my way to a couple of shops that sold items for noobs…took me 1/2 an hour to get there and back.