Latest build on test: Planetary shopping UI

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Just realized I didn’t give a general comment on this lol.

I like the system from the screenshots.

As far as suggestions go, being able to sort the list would be nice, by name, number available, price, and patrons. Then it matters less who is on the top 16 for any one of them. Maybe I don’t mind paying a +15% higher price if I can buy 1,000 of something and all the “market low” listings are all 20 somethings on number available.

Same with, I only want to know its a oft stocked item so I can set it as a common place I go for things. The # of patrons could show a good idea for if something is often stocked or stocked in high volumes often.

In then end, someone won’t like any system that is added to the game. I do feel this one strikes a nice middle ground, and with just a little sorting features added could be the most powerful tool to find a new store to buy things from.

This system would remove the need for external sites, which is always great as using those does break immersion and can slow down your game play. Being part of the interface in the game is more powerful, but maybe for Role Play reasons you might consider the only other suggestion I would have.

The other suggestion, which take it or leave it I don’t mind, would be you need to have a shop’s location on an atlas in order to see it on the listings. Hear me out, you hold the atlas, look at it, and place a shop stand or request basket in it. it shows you all shops in the discovered regions as a hot map. Then you are able to use the knowledge system while you are holding the atlas hot map to search for whatever you desire. and when you select it the location shows up on the atlas and your HUD compass as your destination. Allowing you to better understand where it is in relation to where you are.

I only suggest this because it gives a “lore” reason for why the search function works, and gives more value to completed atlas’s which if you buy everything don’t have any value to you right now.

Again, take that last suggestion or leave it, I just feel it could be cool to have a reason as to how we know that there are 16 players selling waxy earthyams on Beckon for 8c or less (for example).


Thank you for clarifying. :+1:


Thanks for this! :smiley: Yeah, I like to hide giveaways and I didn’t even think of that - but you all did! :slight_smile:


How about Default All [off]? Flashbacks of all protection barriers [on]. :grimacing:


Ouch hadn’t even thought of this. Volume matters a LOT.


Yes, it was the sole concern I personally ever had. Nothing sucks more than spending an hour looking for a material if i only found 20 of it. I skip over cheap baskets on the regular and pay 25-30% more if it means I can grab 3x more of it. At a certain point when you need a particular amount it is far easier to just gather it yourself then spending hours looking for large amounts.(in the current system)

Perhaps if we could toggle by distance/price/volume? some combination perhaps.


Must be more to this patch than just the market scanner thingy majig since there are no testing notes yet. Has anyone gone mining yet?




maybe not tho


I guess I’ll put in my two cents that no one will agree with.

I don’t like it. I like that it seems to be planetary only, that’s something.

But list prices with no specific locations or list locations with no prices, not both.

The goal should still be to force players to run through as many beacons as possible.

Edit: I also don’t like this because it over emphasises shopping.

IMO, They should be making crafting far easier, not shopping.



I don’t see how it doses when it is more or less hiden away in the knowledge tab.

Something wrong with making both of them easier? People are often annoyed about how hard it can be to find things to buy or sell. This will make it easier with out having to resort to „questionable“ means that not everybody can or is willing to use.

  1. Because I am, and shall always remain, the champion of passive income.
  2. Clicking two buttons is hard?
  3. Because this wouldn’t be necessary if the crafting wasn’t ridiculous. Cut mat requirements by 50-75% and get the rng out of the forge and THEN we can see if this is still necessary.

All just my opinion, of course.


If you are really a „Champion“ of passive income, then you should be able to handle the new changes with little problems. and since you claim such things I have no problems saying the following

„Adapt or Die.“

I said nothing about it being hard, I said that because it is kind of out of the way, i do not see how it „Over Emphasises“ shopping.

This game is designed for and is really pushing to have a Econ, so even with your outrageous material reductions of 75%, the game still needs a function to make this aspect a bit cleaner.


I was mostly exaggerating for effect, but there are certainly recipes that need that big of a nerf. [quote=“Trundamere, post:133, topic:34786”]
This game is designed for and is really pushing to have a Econ,

And the soul of the solo player who wants to be 100% self reliant dies a little more.


Whats a soul? I don’t think I was given such a thing. and regardless of what happens to the Econ, I can function with out it, as I have been for the last 11 months. I do not require it.


Like I said, I knew my opinion wasn’t popular.

I really shouldn’t have posted. Sorry for raining on the parade.


Just because @Trundamere is speaking from the other side of the table doesn’t mean that you have to be quiet about how you feel, either.

It’s probably a good thing that there are at least two sides to a subject, encourages discussion that might not happen otherwise.


Patrons is counting the unique-daily customers (counted as having actually bought/sold something, not just visiting) to that beacon for that last week (so each customer is only counted once in a given day, but if the same customer shops again the next day they get counted again for that second day too). Its trying to give an indication of how popular the shop is, its not specific to that specific item


Is there the standard lag in updating with the UI then? I looked at the info and it said 2 patrons, 30 seconds after I entered it. I bought an item and then checked again to refresh and it had updated to 3 patrons. It was just coincidence it updates at the same time I purchased?
So it’s strictly based off unique customer to the beacon, it has nothing to do if they check a basket/stand? That’s what it sounds like you are saying in your last sentence but I just want to make sure I understand that correctly.

I see the edit, thanks for clarifying!


This is literally the exact thing i’ve been campaigning for. This will be a huge boost for shop owners on the outskirts of big malls! And a HUGE convenience to people trying to buy specific items!

The economy will take a bit of a hit at first. Prices will fall. But this will be such a boon to the economy! Once prices go stable, it’s all about price vs quantity.

I specialise in selling forging ingredients, so i often need smart stacks of stuff. I’d rather pay 20 per spark sac if i know they have 1-2 SS’s available, then scour 10 small shops for 15c each.

The other way around is true aswell. Plenty of people only craft for themselves so they’d only need small amounts and will gladly pick those up for 15c!


You don’t want an economy then? no shops, no baskets, since that seems what you’re proposing.

If everything would be easier to make including forging I would spend less since I can probably make the things that I buy now much easier myself all of a sudden, but I also have to spend less since I’m selling way less of my foods, brews and forged items…

But this also means I will BUY less thru baskets, in fact I would probably stop altogether with buying thru baskets since everything I buy with them are used for forging and foods/brews…

I can see the “I’m poor can’t make coin anymore!” posts already…

And am almost forgetting that I’ve put a lot of time and effort in setting up Nova Golda Market which then becomes a gigantic waste of time too.

Asked it before but why do the so called solo players have a problem with using shop stands and request baskets when they can do that without having to interact with the shopkeepers? They can even roleplay that they are run by NPC’s!