Latest color sheet


Can someone give me the link to see what planets have what colors mines out of date.




That link doesn’t work



Love that this is updated.

A suggestion though…maybe delete or highlight…something to show that the item does not currently exist on the world. It is done for gleam and other items. A good example would be an ancient wood on a planet that is not there. Again just a suggestion.


Er… that google doc, if that’s what you’re talking about, is updated by players commenting on things they have actually found on any given planet. They may be rare on any given instance, but if it’s in that list, somebody found it.

If you want a list that includes the impossible, just hop on a world and go to your knowledge list. It has all of the everything, in current planetary colouring.


Not going to get into a whole war about this but you are wrong. There is no Ancient wood on Kol Huroo. Many people know this. We had a bounty for it. So therefore there are items listed on the sheet that are not on worlds.


If I am wrong…show me where it is and I will pay the bounty for it and proclaim at the top of the forums that I was wrong.


Those are pretty high stakes lol


It’s player-driven. Comment for a correction. Or just be petty on a forum. Your call.


Obviously I was wrong. Guess I should grow up and not be petty when I point out people are wrong.


You made me curious, so I’m on Kol Huroo trying to find Ancient wood right now.
It would seem very strange that a given world doesn’t have all 3 types of wood, rocks and dirts, since those are the base components of each world. :shushing_face:


I do find it curious that using Boundless Crafting Kol Huroo and Norkyna do not have ancient wood colors listed. Other t6 planets do and my understanding is that the site goes directly to the code to get the colors. This does not mean they may not be there but the site does tend to be pretty accurate.

Edit: Malurialakrib does not list an ancient wood color either. curious.


It was not there previously. There was a pretty high bounty at the time. They might have slipped it in during an update. But last I looked it still did not exist.


Some of the planets do have the wood and Boundless Crafting does not have it listed. Another example is Ice on Galan. It does exist but the color sheet above does not list it. @Stretchious was going to update his site for Galan.


When new worlds are released, a few of us scour the world and update the colour/blocks manually to the site. Occasionally we miss blocks though, so it may not be 100% accurate - but we’re always open to amendments if needed!


Have to admit, I’ve been looking for about about 20 minutes… I’ve seen big twisted wood tree with exotic folliage, some small lustrious tree also with exotic folliage, and some weird vertical lush folliage vines, but I still have to find waxy folliage and ancient wood. :frowning:


Just like you did with the Ancient Wood on Kol Huroo. You removed it from the list on your site.

Love your site BTW.:+1: